3rd Form

Breadth of curriculum and independent learning skills help pupils to make the right choice

3rd Form pupils follow a broad, balanced curriculum encompassing the core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Religious Education) and a diverse range of creative and practical subjects (Art, Drama, Music, Computing, Design Technology, Food Technology and Textiles, PSHE, PE and Games).  This allows them to make an informed decision as to which options they wish to take for (I)GCSE the following year. 

Pupils are taught in form groups for English, Drama, Computing, History, Geography, Religious Education, PSHE and Science.  They are in smaller groups for the practical subjects – Art, Design Technology, Music, Food Technology and Textiles.  Mathematics is taught by ability set. 

Pupils choose two languages from the following options: French, German, Spanish (for beginners), Latin, Classical Languages or additional English.

I really like the way in which King Edward’s creates their option blocks for GCSE.  All pupils and their parents are well informed and are consulted before the timetable is finalized. Everyone in my son’s year was able to take the subject combination they wanted.

3rd Form parent.