Here at King Edward’s we simply love this game. As one of the fastest sporting games, basketball makes high demands on players’ performance in terms of agility, speed and stamina; it requires them to permanently assess the changing situations, to make immediate decisions under a lot of pressure, and to convert them into success-oriented actions. This highly intensive and dynamic game asks for a constant cooperation and strong cohesiveness of all players involved and does not allow one individual to act above the rest. Therefore, as much as we are committed to the improvement of our players’ individual skills, the main emphasis lies with the development of the team as a collective. Ultimately, playing with friends in a close-knit unit not only creates a positive and fun environment which allows every single player to become a self-confident, well-rounded athlete with excellent physical and cognitive abilities, but also and foremost serves as a perfect breeding ground for fostering valuable social competences within our pupils, such as:
Mutual trust, respect and understanding
A willingness to accept and integrate others
The ability to effectively communicate with each other
Listening to others and to follow their instructions
A readiness to take responsibility in crunch situations
The opportunity to become a confident and competent team player and the feeling of belonging to a select squad that unites pupils from various countries through its strong sense of team spirit and work is what we believe has made basketball such an attractive and popular sport within school. 
Basketball at King Edward’s runs over all three terms, and pupils can practise their techniques during training sessions 4 times a week. We currently have an U19 Senior Boys basketball team in school; and as for the new 2018/19 season we are also running training sessions for our U16 Boys and our U19 Girls in order to re-establish their teams to a competitive level. As competition strengthens camaraderie, our girls and boys teams are participating in numerous friendly matches throughout the year, with our Senior Boys’ team also playing fixtures and thereby representing our school in the Berkshire and Surrey Super 5 league.
For more information on game bookings, contact: Mr. Andreas Skau, email: SkauA@kesw.org
Basketball 2018-19 Season
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