Careers and Higher Education

We take our role of preparing pupils’ for their working lives very seriously and as such have a comprehensive Careers Programme that equips them with the ability to recognise and develop their employability skills and manage their careers at school and beyond.  Our Head of Careers and Higher Education, Mrs Rebecca Hallam is a qualified and experienced Careers Adviser, and sees pupils on a one-to-one basis to coach them individually and provide support and practical advice to clarify their options and pursue their goals.

We are committed to ensuring that our Careers Programme reaches the eight Gatsby Career Benchmarks which define world-class career guidance and were developed on behalf of Gatsby by Sir John Holman as part of an international study. 

We do this in five ways:

  • One-to-one advice and guidance delivered by a professional careers adviser which includes psychometric tests and interviews at key decision-making stages such as 5th Form.

  • Careers Education delivered in in the Lower School’s Pursuit of Excellence, Middle School PSHE lessons and within the Sixth Form Programme.  These are explicit lessons that enable pupils to gain an insight into their own interests, abilities and values and how these may be applied to the world of work.  They learn how to search for opportunities and access information that can help with their career decision-making.

  • Curriculum-based careers learning which ensures pupils understand the relevance of their subjects to the world of work.  This includes trips and subject-specialist speakers.

  • Stand-alone Careers and Higher Education events including visiting speakers, Alumni events, UCAS events, Careers Seminars and more.

  • Comprehensive resources both in the Careers Office, Library and online.

Sixth Form

Whilst there is no doubt that Sixth Form life will equip each pupil with a wealth of skills and qualities, when it comes to decisions about what to do after school, the vast array of choice can be overwhelming.  This is where the Careers Programme comes into its own, providing each pupil with tailored support depending on their chosen destination, whether that be university, a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship or a gap year.

The vast majority choose to go to university and we have a team of dedicated staff to provide support to ensure they are successful in entering the university of their choice. Those wishing to apply to Oxbridge begin a bespoke preparation course in the Lower Sixth.  Those aspiring to read Medicine, Veterinary Science and Law are also give specialist advice.

As a guide of what subjects you will need to apply to a variety of courses at university, please visit ‘What do I need to study to prepare for my university course?’

Pupil Destinations 2018

Arts University Bournemouth
Bath Mechanical Engineering; Business Administration
Social Sciences


Sports Psychology; Economics


Industrial Design and Technology; Civil Enginnering




City University, London Banking and International Finance; International Politics and Sociology; Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Psychology; Finance; International Political Economy




Business Management; Business and Management; Psychology

English and American Literature; Sports and Exercise Science; Politics and Law; Chemistry

Kings College, London

PPE; International Relations; Nursing Studies; Law


International Business Management


Mechanical Engineering

Leeds College of Music
Loughborough Politics with History; Business Psychology; Information Management and Business; Fine Art with Foundation
Manchester Geography

Fashion with Foundation Year


Early Years Development & Learning

Oxford School of Drama  
Pearson College, London Business Management
Queen Mary, London Science and Engineering Foundation


Philosophy, Politics and Economics; Construction Management
St Mary's Twichenham Law with Foundation

Business Management

Arts and Humanities with Foundation; Business Management and Economics with Foundation; Arts with Humanities

Business Management and Economics with Foundation

University College, London
History, Politics and Economics; Planning and Real Estate
University of East Anglia

History with Foundation Year

University of West England Geography and Planning
University of Westminster Property and Planning
International Management; Politics, Philosophy and Law; Politics and International Studies
Westminster Law with Foundation

Other destinations

Australian National University; CBS, Cologne, Germany; Chulalongkorn University, Thailand; EU Business School, Munich; Harding, USA; Hult; IE Business School, Madrid; Maastricht University; Politchenico di Milano; San Pablo CEU, Madria (Bilingual School); The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Madrid; Universidad Internactional de Catuluna; Holland; Israel; New York International Academy