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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


We are proud that our namesake is a representation of the great ‘Elizabeths’ of English history. It is not certain which one the House is actually named after but the two likely candidates, and indeed the third current Elizabeth as Queen, can all be used as inspiration for our girls. Elizabeth I, our first candidate was a remarkable woman who, being in the highest realm of a male dominated court, pioneered the way forward for women. Outstanding diplomatic skills Elizabeth engineered a successful kingdom despite the turmoil inherited from her immediate predecessors.

Our second and most likely candidate is in the form of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who actually opened the current residence on 2 November 1976. At this time, she was the president of the ‘Bridewell Royal Hospital’ and, despite the death of her husband King George VI, was a woman who certainly made her mark in history.

Finally, Elizabeth II who is not a candidate at all for the name but a woman of great leadership skills who has a strong, firm and deeply loyal commitment to her role - an inspiration to a generation of young women.


Elizabeth House seeks to emancipate such qualities through a staff team who try to model, in their everyday lives, a healthy work life balance where sport, team work and academic achievement are at the very core of what we inspire to be. Elizabeth House is a relaxed and friendly environment where each girl deliberately strives to support one another on the King Edward's journey. The loving community allows our girls to be themselves and is a sisterhood that creates a lifelong bond. The whole house is striving to open a wide range of opportunities that create a culture of confidence and independence allowing them to feel fully prepared for life after King Edward's.


Miss Sharon Condy

Miss Condy took over as Housemistress in September 2017 and is the 12th House Parent of Elizabeth.  She originally hails from Dungannon in Northern Ireland but has lived and worked in a number of countries. For the past five years, she has been settled in beautiful Surrey, having previously been studying and living in the substantially colder north of England in the Cathedral city of Durham. She is delighted to be leading Elizabeth House. Miss Condy very much has an open door policy and is always willing to have a chat! She loves to cook and bake and has a running Friday night dinner party where girls are invited each week to dine in the 'Condy residence' with a four course meal. This baking also very much extends into weekend activities where you can find her laughing alongside the girls as they try new recipes and techniques such as pasta making. She also loves to keep fit and healthy, encouraging the Elizabeth girls to do likewise making sure to hit the gym, go for a run or cycle as well as enjoying the team spirit on the Hockey pitch. She is unfailingly enthusiastic about new ideas and loves a trip! She is also a keen proponent of making sure the Elizabeth girls are constantly well presented so will nag persistently until her high standards are reached.


Of course Miss Condy cannot do all of these things alone in Elizabeth House and has a wonderful team. Mrs Shouksmith (with her children Maia and Finn) brings artistic flare to the House. She is currently in the process of upcycling some reclaimed furniture with the girls at the weekends. She is a wonderful swimmer and enjoys running so always joins us for the sporting activities as well. Our Matron comes from Bulgaria and is delighted to live in England to be near her family. She is very organised and is always there to listen or help in any way she can. She loves to get involved in all of the activities. Anne our chatty cleaner keeps us on our toes and enjoys very much being part of our community.


Elizabeth House girls are the current  Cockhouse Cup winners. We are very much known for our participation, our enthusiasm and trying our best at everything. It is these characteristics that every girl is encouraged to uphold as an important element of being an Elizabeth girl.


Recognition must be given to Elizabeth’s previous House Parents who have left a legacy that continues to this day.


  • W Fentiman – 1955-59
  • A Grint – 1959-63
  • A MacKinnon – 1963-72
  • J Bailey – 1972-86
  • L Wheeler – 1986-90
  • D Haughton – 1990-93 and 1994-96
  • J Lewis – 1993–94
  • G Pedlar – 1996-2001
  • A Mackey – 2001-04
  • P Innes-Hill – 2004-07
  • J Abraham (née Patton) – 2007-17



Elizabeth House - current cock house cup winners


elizabeth and wakefield - house music winners

Wakefield and Elizabeth Houses took the stage and gave us a fantastic rendition of 'Another brick in the wall' which coincided quite well with half term around the corner. There was a real sense of House Spirit in evidence throughout and their impecable planning and careful rehearsing resutlted in them winning the House Music Cup for a fourth year in a row.



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