Geography at King Edward’s is a curriculum subject from 1st Form. The curriculum is broad, covering Human, Physical and Environmental Geography through contemporary themes and fieldwork investigations. By the end of 3rd Form pupils will have a good grounding of the discipline to confidently choose Geography as a GCSE option. 

Sixth Form
Geography is offered at International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher and Standard Level IB, as well as A-Level. 

Pupils need to achieve at least GCSE grade 6 to take Geography at IB Higher Level or A-Level. For IB Standard Level Geography, pupils must secure at least a GCSE grade five

International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-Level
IB and A-Level Geography provide pupils with a unique and highly desirable skillset, enabling them a wide range of different subjects (including Economics, Politics, Science, History, Business studies, Religious Science and even Art) to make sense of the world around them on every level, from local to international, and understand the complex web of human and physical factors which will shape the future of the planet

Both IB (HL and SL) and A-Level involve coursework based on original field-work. Every year group participates in fieldwork and trips, ranging from local scale investigations to Iceland and beyond. 

The department prides itself on the use of key technologies, such as VR, GIS and Weatherlink, as well as taking part in regular visits and talks provided by the Royal Geographical Association, Geographical Association and other pertinent organisations relevant to the contemporary study of the subject.