Grafton House

Grafton House is named after the first treasurer of Bridewell Royal Hospital. Born in 1512, the son of a merchant, he dedicated a large portion of his life to the School and laid the foundations for what it has become. Grafton House is first and foremost a community; everyone is celebrated for who they are and what they bring to the House. We have a strong academic focus, but also on sports, music and the arts. The House has a dedicated team of staff at the helm, assisted by a House management team composed of Sixth Form pupils. We have representatives from both Lower and Upper Sixth on this team, helping to ensure we remain a supportive House and welcoming to all. We aim to make the House a home during term time and try to ensure that opportunities are provided for all our pupils to thrive.

Grafton is currently a boarding House for boys aged 13 to 18. 












The Grafton family

Mr Emsley has been the Housemaster at Grafton for three years now and is accompanied by his wife, two daughters, one dog, around 20 fish, and 2 shrimps! He has been teaching in the Science Department at the School since 2011, and is also an instructor for the Duke of Edinburgh programme. Mr Emsley has also been a parent at the School, his oldest daughter was a pupil in Queens' House and completed her IB in the same year that he started teaching at King Edward's, giving a unique perspective on the School from both sides.



  • Assistant Housemaster - Mr Cochrane teaches in the Physics department and takes an active interest in all things scientific, engineering and role-playing games. He has lived in a number of countries, and speaks the language to prove it, but hails from the local area. He is a resident in Grafton House so is available throughout the day and night if needed.
  • Matron  is responsible for the health and hygiene of each boy. She overseas all the cleaning and laundry and is responsible for referring all medical matters to the Medical Centre. If any boys require medical treatment or medicine of any sort, they should first see Matron who will take them to the Medical Centre if necessary. Matron is also responsible for ensuring the boys keep their bedrooms clean and tidy at all times.
  • Deputy Matron - As a bachelor house, we are lucky to have a deputy Matron in the House. John is on duty when Matron is not and performs the same duties and services for you.
  • House tutors - We are lucky enough to have a fantastic team of tutors, one of whom will come into the House each evening to supervise prep and the evening routine. Additionally, boys will be allocated an academic tutor who will act as a key liaison between House, academic staff and home and should be the first port of call for all academic matters.
  • House Management Team - We have a Head of House  who is supported by a team selected from the Upper Sixth Form. They are responsible for maintaining the smooth daily running of the House, ensuring that all duties are carried-out properly and encouraging all the boys to become fully involved in the life of the House. Their duties involve making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time and that you have completed your house duties. They are also available to help new boys settle in and help with any problems which might come up.
Life in Grafton House