Inspection Reports

In October 2015 a team from the Independent Schools Inspectorate spent four days at King Edward's examining every aspect of school life. The ISI returned in October 2018 to complete a Regulatory Compliance Inspection, which found King Edward’s to meet or exceed all the required standards with no actions arising.  Both the 2015 and 2018 reports are available to download below.

We were delighted that in all nine categories the inspectors graded King Edward's as EXCELLENT (equivalent to Ofsted "Outstanding") in the quality of:

  • Pupils' achievement and learning
  • Contribution of curricular and extra-curricular provision
  • Contribution of teaching
  • Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • Pastoral care
  • Welfare, health and safety
  • Quality of boarding
  • Governance
  • Leadership and management

The success of the School
In their main findings, the inspectors judged that “King Edward’s School is highly successful in educating its pupils in line with its overall aim to provide an educational experience which supersedes the purely academic and becomes a foundation for life.”

They wrote:  “Supported by excellent teaching, pupils relish opportunities to work cooperatively and independently.  Pupils take pleasure in their learning and present their work with pride”.

Inspectors judged that: “The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent supported by the high quality of pastoral care they receive”, also noting that “Pupils are confident that staff will guide and help them, and value the generous spirit with which the staff support them”

“Boarders appreciate the warm, welcoming environment created for them by the boarding staff and feel safe in their houses.  The school implements excellent measures to ensure their welfare, health and safety.”

Noting that the recommendations from the previous inspection have been fully met, they say:  “the single-hearted sense of purpose ensures excellent oversight of the day-to-day running of the school and inspires the vision for future development”.

Quality of Academic and other Achievements
On pupils’ achievements and learning

  • “Pupils are extremely well educated
  • “Pupils of all ages and abilities…demonstrate excellent subject knowledge and understanding”
  • Excellent achievement in the creative and practical subjects is evident all around the school”
  • “Pupils achieve highly across a wide range of co-curricular activities
  • “Pupils are extremely successful at county and national level at a wide range of sports”
  • “Pupils make progress that is high in relation to those with similar abilities.  Of particular note is the excellent achievement of those with SEND and EAL”
  • “An overwhelming majority of parents and most pupils expressed satisfaction with the progress they make…  The overwhelming majority of parents expressed themselves as highly satisfied with the range of subjects and areas of experience offered to their children”
  • Behaviour in lessons is excellent and pupils value their supportive relationship with teachers”
  • “The well-planned curriculum is highly effective in its coverage of different areas of learning…  An exceptionally wide range of options is available for pupils in the Sixth Form”
  • “The curriculum is fully supported by an excellent co-curricular programme of enrichment activities”

On teaching

  • “Teachers demonstrate excellent understanding of the needs of their pupils, and lessons throughout the school are extremely well planned and resourced.”
  • “Lessons engage and inspire pupils, helping them to make rapid progress.”
  • “Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and are encouraging and supportive in their attitudes towards pupils”

On personal development, pastoral care and welfare, health and safety

  • “The personal development of pupils is an outstanding strength of the school”
  • “As school leavers, pupils embody the school’s aims to create happy and confident learners with a global awareness, personal humility and a strong sense of duty”… “They are confident, tolerant, respectful of each other and self-aware”
  • “Pupils demonstrate strong spiritual awareness
  • “The moral development of pupils is excellent”
  • “Pupils acknowledge and value the examples set by the staff and pupils undertaking leadership and mentor roles”
  • “The social awareness of pupils is extremely well developed.  They are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others, respecting differences without discrimination and eagerly supporting each other, regardless of age and background”
  • “Pupils are genuinely compassionate
  • “Relationships between staff and pupils are respectful, open and trusting”
  • “The quality of pastoral care is excellent”
  • “The caring ethos is clearly reflected in the attitudes of more senior pupils who are generous in their support and commitment to younger pupils”
  • “The school has excellent arrangements to promote the welfare, health and safety of all its pupils.  Every effort is made to minimise risk…  Safeguarding policies and procedures are thorough”
  • “The school has excellent facilities for the care of sick pupils”

On boarding

  • “The quality of boarding is excellent.  The school fully succeeds in its aim to create an environment of tolerance, openness and trust where all boarders are treated and respected as individuals and feel safe”
  • “[Pupils] are proud of their houses and deeply loyal.  New pupils benefit from a comprehensive induction programme and soon feel at home”
  • “Boarding houses are clean, well-maintained and warm”
  • Dedicated staff work hard to create an environment of openness and trust within the houses… As a result, the behaviour of boarders is exemplary and the atmosphere is warm and friendly
  • “Parents indicated their high levels of satisfaction with all aspects of the boarding provision for their children”

A note about the ISI
The Independent Schools Inspectorate (www.isi.net) is the body responsible for the inspection of schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council (www.isc.co.uk). It reports to the Department for Education on the extent to which schools meet statutory requirements. Inspections are for the benefit of pupils and seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of their education and of the care for their welfare.