Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages department aspires to making languages fun, accessible and useful for all. 
Beyond that we have five principal aims in teaching pupils a Modern Foreign Language:
To enable pupils to communicate effectively in a foreign language
To develop in pupils a positive attitude to their study of a foreign language, through interesting and enjoyable activities and opportunity to achieve success 
To give pupils contact with insight into a culture other than their own, to develop the pupils' European and global awareness, to equip them for life in a multi-cultural world and to enable them to travel abroad with confidence, interest, and advantage 
To develop the pupils' insight into the nature of language and thereby to develop their independence in using and learning the foreign language. 
To develop in pupils certain intellectual capacities, such as their information research skills and especially their powers of concentration, analysis, and inferential reasoning 
Pupils entering 1st Form choose between French and Spanish. In the 2nd Form, pupils are all introduced to German, while continuing their chosen language from the 1st Form. In the 3rd Form, pupils may continue with two languages as continuers - French, German or Spanish, or start a Spanish beginners' course if they opted for French in the 1st Form. Virtually all pupils study a Modern Foreign Language to IGCSE and those who wish to can take two. The IGCSE course will prepare them for practical communication and further study of the language in the Sixth Form.
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Study of a foreign language is compulsory for the IB Diploma. The Language B course is designed for those students already possessing some previous experience of the language. This is an exciting course which allows pupils and teachers the freedom to explore a variety of topics, including French/German/Spanish Culture, Social Relationships, Media, Leisure, Global issues, Health, or in fact whatever particularly interests them about the French/German/Spanish-speaking world. The aim is to expose pupils to a rich palette of areas of topics relating to those countries but at the same time provide them with the tools to be able to recognise and reproduce authentic written and spoken language. 
The department also offers ab initio Spanish and ab initio German. This outstanding course gives students the opportunity to take up a new foreign language in the Sixth Form. It is available to beginners, i.e. pupils who have very little or no previous experience of the language.