Old Witleian Volunteers

King Edward's School has some amazing Old Witleian volunteers working behind the scenes to help organise events like the Summer Reunion and Sports events such as the Golf Tournament and Autumn Sports Day. Others diligently help to keep website pages and our presence on other social media channels up to date, many give up their time to come in to school to talk to current pupils about career options, and others contribute to our heritage and communications work by writing articles or helping fundraise for restoration projects.  

At the OWA AGM in Summer 2016, and following several resignations and retirements amongst the OWA Committee members, the decision was taken to review and update the way the Association operates to the benefit of its members and the School.  As a result the formal association structure was dissolved to be replaced by a new structure as detailed below:


Including President and Wise OWls (formerly known as Honorary Vice Presidents) together with any other Old Witleians appointed from time to time.

 Role: to advise on and oversee all OW activity both as individuals and through consensus as appropriate. 





Chaired by Headmaster. Officer: Alumni Relations Coordinator. To include: Decade Ambassadors, current & new volunteers & representatives as required, and the Development Manager. Meets not less than 3 times per year*.

Role: to initiate and coordinate all volunteer activity, projects, events & strategy.



* In 2018 these will be trialled remotely, by email / social media channels, so that they are more accessible to more of our volunteers. 






Role: To represent peers and actively encourage engagement with the Association. Generally max 2 per era.



Special Project Volunteers: eg Witley Pupils’Memorial,


Heritage Volunteers,


Careers Volunteers, 

Sports Volunteers, and Regional /national  reps.                                     




New volunteers from the Old Witleian Community come on board as and when there are suitable opportunities that fit with their interests and availability. These may be one off, short term or longer term commitments



If you'd like to read the full proposal presented and agreed at the AGM in July please click here.

Decade Ambassadors

Decade Ambassadors represent their Old Witleian peers at Working Group Meetings, and actively encourage engagement with the school by ensuring that peers know about events and other opportunities coming up. If you are still in touch with lots of other Old Witleians and would like to become an Ambassador for your decade then please do get in touch at OldWitleians@kesw.org  Decade Ambassadors may 'step down' at any time.

1950s: Pam Lorraine                      

1960s:  Kevin Hunt                  

1970s: Lindsay Dalton-Wood

1980s: Jane Monnery (nee Harms)


2000s: Imogen Quirk

2010s: Tom Thorpe & Ollie Hall


Volunteering Opportunities

What are your interests? What time do you have available? Old Witleian volunteer activity roughly falls into four categories – including short and long term opportunities, and wherever possible a mixture of remote and face to face opportunities.  What follows are just examples - we're always open to new ideas so if you have a suggestion of how you would like to get involved either with the school or Alumni activity then do get in touch. Wherever you are, whatever you're able to offer - we'd like to hear from you.

Events: helping with Old Witleians Summer Reunion Day, Sporting Events (Golf, Autumn Sports), Business Networking Events, Regional Reunions around the country & internationally (eg organising an evening in the pub, coffee & cake at someone’s house, a picnic), or by stewarding school Events eg: hosting the reception table at the school play.

Projects: volunteering as Decade Ambassadors, developing the Archive, Careers volunteering such as presentations or mock interviews, supporting specialist subjects (eg one off contribution to Art or D of E, or at a special event like a MUN conference), skills exchange volunteers (eg: teaching current pupils how to cook a family meal on a budget in return for a lesson on social media), University and Work-Place Ambassadors, Old Witleian Business-to-business network volunteers.

Communications: writing articles for Kestrel / e-newsletter, taking photos at an event, maintaining & contributing to Old Witleian website pages, developing our presence on Twitter and Linked In, actively recruiting for our Facebook group, offering expert advice on new technologies, new social media platforms.

Fundraising:Telethon volunteers, one off fundraisers like Ed’s Bike Ride, and projects like the Pupils' Memorial

The Old Witleian Scholarship Fund continues to be disbursed by the Bursary Awards Committee as previously agreed, and is reported on in the Foundation’s Annual Report.


Our Commitment to Old Witleian Volunteers

We recognise and value the commitment of all those who involve themselves in Old Witleian volunteer activity, and strive to offer opportunities that make the best of their expertise, passion and goodwill.  We recognise the responsibility which King Edward’s has to its alumni as well as that which Old Witleians have to the Foundation and to each other.

Within our network of volunteers we strive to engage a diverse range of Old Witleians including former pupils, former staff and former friends of the school representing a wide range of ages and backgrounds.  

We recognise the need to offer short, medium and longer term volunteer opportunities including face to face and remote opportunities, in order to offer more Old Witleians the chance to feel part of School life and its network of alumni.

We respect our volunteers and support them to get the best out of their volunteering.  


In addition to the Old Witleian Volunteers pictured we are also supported by:


Fred Pennell (Wakefield Housemaster & Sports Teacher 2010 -15) - Volunteer Lead for OW Football

Bella Dale (Queens' 2004 - 2009 and current staff) - Volunteer Lead for OW Netball

Holly Beckwith (St Bridget's 2002 - 09) - Volunteer Lead for OW Tennis


Pamela Lorraine
(née Waters. Elizabeth 1955 -61) 

Decade Ambassador and Volunteer Lead on Bursaries & Charities  

Ivor Caplin (Edward, 1970 - 77)

Volunteer Lead for Old Witleian Golf