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Queens' - Where we strive to be the very best version of ourselves

Queens' House is a really special place. Named after two Queens - Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary, it holds a well-deserved reputation as a very unified, proactive, happy, flourishing and nurturing House, which embraces diversity and enjoys a great sense of fun.

Home away from Home - Queens' is a place to find happiness, laughter, warmth and a smile where we strive to be the best version of ourselves, always aiming high whilst exhibiting tolerance, respect, compassion and integrity. A Queens' girl has immense pride, is in tune with her strengths and weaknesses and aspires to achieve and exceed, all while exuding and promoting a dignified yet fearless nature.

We pick each other up when we fall, embrace our imperfections, celebrate our achievements, share in our sorrows and delight in our courage.

Queens' has, at its heart, kindness, care and compassion for all. Uniqueness is embraced and celebrated in the 18 or so nationalities that are represented in the House. Our aim is to foster an approach to boarding whereby an individual can develop and thrive by the adoption and promotion of an empathetic, enriching and nurturing approach, rooted in an inclusive environment that is, above all else, a home away from home.

Mrs Jennifer Lyttle - Queens' Housemistress

I was born in Northern Ireland, trained as a professional singer/dancer and am now married with a young daughter who currently attends Barrow Hills School.
As well as being the Housemistress of Queens', I also teach English at King Edward's and have been a member of staff here since 2007. My role as Housemistress is to oversee the general running of Queens' House, liaise with the other house staff, parents, teachers and tutors and deal with all pastoral matters concerning the girls in my care.

Here in Queens' we are lucky enough to be supported by an incredible team consisting of an Assistant Housemistress, Matron, and three non-residential House Tutors:  

  • Queens' Assistant Housemistress - Mrs Hanley's role is to support the Housemistress. She is a part-time teacher of Geography and is also heavily involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. She mainly works on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends and is resident in Queens' House. 
  • Queens' Matron - Mrs Cullen is responsible for general housekeeping, as well as health and hygiene in the House. She is the member of staff you must contact if you are unwell, need to report anything broken or if you have questions about laundry. She also ensures the rooms are tidy and checks daily that everyone is adhering to school rules in relation to uniform. Ridley's Matron (from our paired House) is available when Mrs Cullen is off duty. Matron is in and around the House much of the day and is also a resident in Queens' House.
  • Queens' House Tutors - Mrs Hinde-Brown, Mrs Meyer and Mrs Lambe each do one evening's duty a week in the House and all are also Academic Tutors.

Additionally, we have a House Management Team made up of girls from the Upper Sixth Form. They are responsible for maintaining the smooth daily running of the House, ensuring that all duties are carried-out properly and encouraging all Queens' girls to play a full part in the life of the House. They are also available to help new girls settle in and deal with any problems that may arise throughout the year.

  • Head of House - Victoria Westphalen
  • Assistant Head of House - Liseli and Viktoria
  • Head of Music - Niki
  • Head of Sport - Michaela
  • Assistant Head of Sport - Kelly-Bella
  • Matron's Prefect - Beatrice
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