Tudor House

Tudor House Motto

Young women preparing to take their place in the world

Tudor is, of course, named after the historical period our founder, King Edward the VI ruled in and as such, our names stands in this legacy.  We consider ourselves to have the best emblem across all the Houses, the striking Tudor Rose.  We are very proud to adorn the house with this – and ourselves!  The girls in Tudor are hard-working, challenging thinkers and enormous fun.  There is something for everyone to contribute; the walls are full of the girls’ art-work, House Sport brings out everyone’s competitive side and the Buddy system, ensures there is a listening ear for everyone.  All Upper Sixth are Prefects in the House, giving them responsibilities to help run the practical side of things, alongside taking care and looking out for those younger, or newer, girls within Tudor.  We are a paired House with Edward and are very lucky to have an excellent team of Academic Tudors across the paired House.  We also have Matron Martina who has joined us this year, who keeps us all in order.










The Skau family

Mrs Skau lives with her family alongside the girls and hopes that they extend their family into the life of the House (and vice versa) when they can.  Mr Skau is also a member of staff in the school, teaching German, coaching basketball and is the Head of the International Students Committee.  (He has also had to be on hand to dress up for Potted House games, most recently as Harry Potter and often runs the BBQ at socials for the girls!)  Their son Jesper is just over 2 and adores having a bundle of big sisters to share his playtime with.  He attends Barrow Hills Nursery once a week which he loves, but day to day, he can be found with their au pair, Lizzie, having adventures in the school woods. 

They often have the girls in their home for social events which helps them feel at home.  The challenge this year is that everyone should cook a delicacy from their home that we can all try – a popular initiative!  Each girl has 2 buddies in the House who they can ask questions of anytime.  We also have times where buddies leave presents or messages of encouragement for each other, to ensure support and affection be found throughout the House and to keep the girls going on those tough busy days.

Life in Tudor House