Tutorial support

Our tutor system is a departure from the traditional, but one which enables pupils to interact with others of similar but not necessarily the same age and of the opposite gender.  There are opportunities for younger pupils to learn from the experiences of older pupils, for the older pupils to take a leadership role, for all pupils to belong to a group where a variety of issues are discussed. These include current affairs, future choices, charity events, cultural interchange, general knowledge, moral issues and values.  

In the Lower School, 1st and 2nd Form are in co-educational tutor groups by year.  

In the Middle School, 3rd, 4th and 5th Form are in co-educational tutor groups containing pupils from a paired house from each of the three year groups.  

In the Sixth Form, pupils are in co-educational tutor groups comprising both L6th and U6th from a paired house.  

The advantages of such a system are many.  Firstly, the variety of ages in the group provides a range of experience upon which all can draw. Not all children are in keeping emotionally or intellectually with their chronological age group; the clusters of a vertical system provide an ideal opportunity for peer mentoring and the development of relationships across a range of ages. It supports ongoing academic mentoring of all pupils. They can learn from, interact with and support each other.  For the younger pupils, the experience of the older ones is motivating and informative.  The older pupils will have the chance to develop leadership and mentoring roles.  Where possible, the tutor remains with the group throughout the pupils’ / their own tenure at King Edward’s, providing continuity and consistency for the pupil and his or her parents.

The groups meet from 08.35 to 09.00 every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Occasionally some year groups will be asked to attend presentations on issues which only pertain to their curriculum, e.g. 3rd Form options, GCSE examination routines, work experience, etc. Tutors will also meet regularly with their tutees on a one-to-one basis to discuss academic progress, targets for improvement and any issues which need to be raised.  

At the beginning of the academic year, the tutor will write to parents to introduce themselves and to provide contact details.  Regular communication between tutors and families is very much encouraged so that we can all work together for the benefit of the pupils.