Wakefield House

Wakefield House Motto

No matter how you feel, get up, show up and never give up.

Wakefield is named after Colonel the Rt Hon Sir Charles Wakefield, Viscount Wakefield of Hythe, founder of Castor Lubricants, a tremendous philanthropist who founded the Wakefield trust. He was President of the Royal Hospitals of Bethlem and Bridewell, King Edward's School from 1916-1940.

Wakefield celebrates all, whether winning at sport, music, drama or academic success, or simply the quirky differences of many of the boys! The boys truly enjoy themselves in Wakefield, living by their motto, they work hard, play hard and always give 100%. There is a tremendous pride in being in Wakefield which is refelected the day the new boys arrive and are welcomed by all. The senior boys are all, to a man, approachable and helpful, (everyone was new once). We work very hard at getting to know all of the boys and helping them find their niche here.  We do ask and encourage that everyone participates.



The Wakefield House Team

Antonia and I moved to King Edward's in September 2015. Antonia's background is Speech and Language Therapy, specialising in working with the deaf, and mine is Design and Project Management, which I followed for seven years before teaching, four of those working in France.

Since arriving at King Edward's, we have grown from of a family of two to one of five, with the birth of Martha, our daughter, and finding our two dogs Waggle and Tati. It's been a busy few years! The boys are wonderful and are Martha's and the dogs' best friends subsequently evening roll call can be a bit hectic!

The House Team also consists of Tom Campbell, Head of Geography, top tennis coach, baker extraordinaire and all round legend alongside Vlad, a qualified PE and Sports Coach from Bulgaria who has certainly been a huge hit with the boys since joining us in September 2017.

The Wakefield boys however are the real stars of the show and have a great team of Head of House, Deputy and Head of Day Boys. They work really hard to make the House work, making boys feel welcome and explaining how things work.

We have 54 individuals in Wakefield who come together as a team every day.

House Music Winners 2017

House Music Winners for the 3rd time on the trot! Highlights being the House Song - I'm a believer (Neil Diamond) and the Ensemble Instrumental - Feeling Good (Nina Simone) what a tune!

A great team effort, but special mention to Will Kriehn and Charlie Howard for all their hard work and encouraging the boys, we had more musicians on stage and as always the whole House for the House Song.

A great evening was had by all Houses and Staff.

Cockhouse Cup winners 2017-18


Potted House games 2017-18

First Saturday of the new academic year with all the new boys in, a great evening had by all, an Olympiad of competitions, the most notable being the egg throwing competition without breaking the egg. A close call but Kam Hussein's team pipped all with the final throw.

Life in Wakefield House