End of Term Letter
End of Term Newsletter Autumn Term 2021

End of Term Newsletter Autumn Term 2021

Dear Parents and Pupils,

As we reach the end of 2021, we have been reflecting on all that has taken place this year – planned and unplanned. What a year it has been!

Our academic year began in September with much excitement as we greeted over 120 new pupils and members of staff. We were so pleased to be able to welcome everyone back and reconnect. It felt like a new beginning for the School, a measured renaissance as the energy and excitement of being together on site became tangible. While we continue to be mindful of the hovering presence of COVID and the need to follow careful guidance, we are delighted that we have been able to act quite normally in all areas of school life.

I would like to pay tribute to all members of staff who have worked unstintingly to ensure that every pupil has had a purposeful, enjoyable, and busy fourteen weeks. Meeting the challenges and changes of COVID times (with over 3,700 lateral flow tests) has been tiring and demanding; there have been moments when the busyness of our normal extended school days has weighed heavily.

However, so much has been able to continue successfully. I hope that you have felt included through being on site to watch co-curricular events or through joining us via social media.

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A highlight of this term was our Admissions Day Service, held for the first time in the awe inspiring Guildford Cathedral. It was a privilege to gather the whole School together and formally welcome new pupils to the School in such a beautiful setting – a truly memorable occasion for everyone in the King Edward’s community. The event was made particularly special as former Head Boy and Old Wit, Sir Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor Locum Tenens and Vice President of Bridewell Royal Hospital Foundation, addressed the pupils, recounting his experience of Admissions Day when he was a pupil at King Edward’s. He recalled how meeting the Lord Mayor of London over forty years ago sparked an aspiration to do well in the City and become Lord Mayor one day. A memory that may have kindled a similar dream for one of the pupils listening. We watch and wait.

The choir and music were magnificent. The exuberance of the brass fanfare contrasted with the silent solemnity of the pupils as they collected their cards from the Treasurer and Sir Peter in the Admissions Ceremony, an experience that connects us with the School’s royal, ancient and religious foundation: a welcome that echoes throughout our prestigious history.

Reflective silence is a habit of the School, whether in Chapel or when listening to one another. Quietness wrapped around us when the Right Honourable Stuart Lawrence spoke to pupils about resilience and the tragic event of his brother’s racially motivated attack and murder in 1993. Stuart’s words were both inspirational and emotional and we thank him for his time.

Respectful quiet was also heard when Double Olympic Champion, Jazz Carlin, gave the first of our Bridewell Talks as she shared her experience of endurance and perseverance that took her from injury to victory as a swimmer.

On the theme of achievement in sport, our teams have been training hard in practice sessions as well as playing well in the 381 fixtures. The School is enjoying some resounding success and all promises well as sport continues to grow and flourish: Rikki Clarke our new Head of Cricket joined us in October, having retired from professional cricket only recently. His experience of playing for England and for Surrey enhances and inspires the performance of girls and boys. It is good to see pupils being accepted into County squads for cricket. We applaud the success of the teams, more details can be found below. Notably, the U14 have enjoyed amazing success in the ESFA Cup, beating Piggott School right at the end of term. We congratulate them for their achievements so far with particular mention of Luke and Cameron who have both been selected to represent the England teams in their respective age groups. Likewise, there has been exciting success in climbing, cycling, and skiing.

We thank Mrs Hannah Pullen for all her work as Head of Girls’ Games and for the way that she has supported, coached, and inspired the girls, an example being in her own achievement of completing the London Marathon in 02:59:47. We wish her well in her new post at The Harrodian, London.

Alongside Rikki Clarke, we are pleased to have welcomed two Sports Graduate Assistants, Mr Daniel Towl and Mr Oliver Nash. The Sports Department have been busy with their many football and hockey fixtures and we are delighted to be able to be playing on our newly refurbished Astro – watch this space for an official grand opening!

Our pupils benefit from being taught by staff who are committed to teaching and achieving the highest standards possible while also demonstrating their own pursuit of excellence. A fine example of this is given by Mrs Anel Meyer, teacher of Maths, who won a gold medal in the European Triathlon Championships. Additionally, an exhibition in the Bunker Gallery displayed artwork created by members of staff. We are a learning community which is demonstrated by the beautiful and skilful exhibits showcasing expertise in many areas including watercolours, metalwork, textiles.

To complement the learning in the classroom, staff have run a full range of trips and visits for our pupils, including: a theatre trip to the Globe Theatre, the 3rd Form Isle of Wight trip, a visit to Oxford University, a boarders’ trip to West Wittering Beach trip, surfing in North Devon and Thorpe Park Fright Night, and much, much more. Photos and stories about these trips can be found across our social media channels, on our news pages and further down in the newsletter.

School life is always busy, with a good blend of purposeful creativity and fun. I was pleased to watch the 4th Form Drama performance of Cookies, directed by Miss Emma Dalton, our new Drama and Dance teacher. Of a very different nature, the inter-House competitive Variety Show highlighted the creativity or our pupils and their ability to entertain. It was also a pleasure to share in the festival atmosphere of Illyria created in the Studio Theatre as we watched a production of Twelfth Night, directed brilliantly by our Dramatist and Director in Residence, Miss Susie Macdonald. Live music, ensemble pieces and great command of Shakespearean text made for a lively and vibrant production.

Some of our pupils are enjoying working on a new verbatim theatre production, ‘Other Guys’. In a contrasting style, we look forward to next term’s long awaited vibrant production of Bugsy.

It has been a pleasure to meet many parents on site this term. We have enjoyed being able to welcome year groups to the Selborne Room and to Charter Hall where we have been able to share something of the vision and direction of travel for the School.

During the summer holidays, work started on our Exhibition Hall redevelopment. The project is going well. Designs are being refined for the work on our Upper Sixth Form House – this is an exciting time for King Edward’s. Our Bursar, Mr Dan Rogers and Estates Bursar, Mr Richard Hooker have worked tirelessly and have been supported in this by their teams as well as by our new administrator in Estates and Facilities, Miss Bella Kaye.

To capture the essence of our distinctiveness as a school, we have been considering what United by Diversity since 1553 really means. I am incredibly proud of our pupils for being so open in this discussion, particularly when we were focusing on Black History Month. Our Sixth Form pupils held a social event to help raise awareness of Black History. When we listened to Stuart Lawrence, we understood that unconscious bias needs to be brought into our collective consciousness in order to challenge and effect change. Saying that we are not racist is a first step, but we learned that there are more steps to take to establish an authentic anti-racist environment.

Our Marketing and Admissions team, whose newest recruit is our Marketing intern Miss Katie Duffy, have been very busy as our school roll is greater than it has been in the last ten years. We have loved showing prospective families around the School and have launched a new 360 school tour, which is a way to explore our school in an interactive and innovative way. Furthermore, to engage younger children and young-at-heart adults, we have created an exciting Spy Academy game, please click here to give it a go! After leading the way in being the first British boarding school to hold a virtual Open Morning, we have been so pleased to be able to welcome families back to our School for outreach events and successful Year 7, Year 9 and Sixth Form Open Events.

We welcomed many new staff to our community. Of all the departments, the Science Department has had the most significant change as we welcomed three new members of teaching staff and introduced Psychology as a new A-level subject, led by Dr Phil Attwell. Mr Euan Cathro joined us as Head of Chemistry with Mr Michael Fox also teaching Chemistry. Mrs Susan Styles joined the Physics team.

I would like to both welcome and extend my thanks to our new Chaplain, Reverend James Radcliffe. Central to the spiritual direction of the School, he has led us in both weekday and Sunday services. He arranged our Harvest Festival, which raised funds for Afghanistan as well as for the Godalming Community Store, to help provide assistance to any local person in need of food and basics to live. Donations were delivered by Jai and Kaspar who were struck by the work that the Food Bank does to support the local community.

As a School we met together for a poignant act of Remembrance, reading the names of all the Old Wits who died in war. Amongst these names, we read out the name of Matt Finderling whose life story has inspired Mrs Caroline Shouksmith to lead a collaborative art project bringing our history alive in drama, art, and music. We look forward to this new project that links in with just one of the many stories.

Listening to pupils is one of the most important aspects of school life and I am so pleased to know that there are initiatives to engage with our duty of care for our environment as staff and pupils map out what we hope to achieve. Trousers also serve as an example of pupils effecting change. Having consulted the girls in Elizabeth and Tudor, we are hoping to be able to source trousers for girls – their patience is much appreciated and will be rewarded.

Core to our pastoral care is the structure of the Houses where matrons play a valued role – they work incredibly hard to support and look after the pupils. With many thanks and some tears, we said goodbye to Lisa Ward from QMH and we wish her well as she moves to the Dragon School in Oxford. Mrs Sheena Wood joined us as the new Ridley Matron and Mr Duncan Filer joins QMH. Since establishing a counselling service last year, we have seen many people benefit and so we are pleased that the service has been augmented with the arrival of Rachel Illet. We are mindful that good mental health has been challenged through these last eighteen months and so we value the opportunity to offer trained expert listening spaces.

Other staff include the arrival of Mr Adam MacKinnon who teaches at Barrow Hills and has joined us to teach Geography. Mr Joshua Williams has joined the Maths Department. Next term, we look forward to Mr Ian Richardson joining us as our new Head of Keyboard and Deputy DSL from The Prebendal School.

Alongside those who were new to the School, there are colleagues who have taken on new responsibilities. Mrs Lauren Harris Jones has led the Sixth Form through all the pressures and deadlines of UCAS, CAS, EE and D of E. She has been generous with her time in helping them to celebrate in assemblies as well as social gatherings. Mr Andy Baynes has overseen the IB programme and Miss Condy has taken on the responsibility of Head of RS.

At our core, we cherish our foundation which distinguishes us from most other schools. The Bridewell Royal Hospital Foundation to which we belong, supports children who, through no fault of their own have a background that does not easily enable them to flourish. A place within our School creates an opportunity to be safe and learn, to be prepared for the future – education is transformative. I am delighted therefore that Mr Nick Leiper de Bathe will be joining us in the New Year, taking over from Mrs Bronwen Rheinhardt and Mrs Fiona Kirton as Bursaries and Charities Officer.

As I reflect on the year, and this term most of all, I can see how well the school community has done. It has been very busy but we are in good spirit as we have enjoyed so many moments together. Whether we wore odd socks for anti-bullying awareness, mufti to raise funds for the Afghanistan Hunger Appeal run by Christian Aid or Christmas jumpers for the Godalming Community Store, we are a school community that aims to help and treat others as we would like to be treated. Time and again pupils show resilience and dedication, whether in the Turkey Trot or D of E, performing in a music exam after hours of practice or in an Oxbridge interview, pupils have been supported to achieve their best. For some, there was a visit to the pantomime or Winter Wonderland, for others there has been Secret Santa or carols in Chapel. It is clear that the joy of the season has been shared wholeheartedly and as term drew to a hasty close, we paused to celebrate the meaning of Christmas with the most beautiful of Carol Services.

As School closes for the Christmas break with our support staff able to log off too, I hope that everyone enjoys a happy Christmas and that you and your loved ones remain safe and in good health.

Very best wishes for Christmas and 2022.



Sport Department News

It has been a fantastic term for sport following all the recent Covid related reasons that paused many sports events and fixtures over the past few years. The number of fixtures played totalled 381 across 49 different sports teams with 100% of pupils in the first and second forms representing the school over the term. There was an 83% representation across the Inters age group as well. Thank you to all pupils who put themselves forward to represent the School.

Team Sports

Boys Football

The U12A side proved to be experts at putting the staff through a range of emotions! In Round 2 of the ESFA Cup, they fought back from two goals down to lead and then conceded again before winning on penalties. In Round 3 they came back from three goals down with six minutes to go to draw level, only to lose to a wonderful late goal in extra time. Great things are expected of this group in the years to come with Joe Swift, Brandon Obiozo and Jesse Nwanang being key performers. The U12B side remained undefeated all season with Toby Holdsworth proving a thorn in the side for many opponents.

Our U13A were another team that had an excellent season with many notable victories. They were narrowly knocked out of both Cup competitions in matches that they should have won and we hope that this experience will stand them in good stead next season. There were outstanding performances from Will Cook, Bobby Drury and Jackson Ciesla but they were ably supported by their teammates. The U13B side also had a positive season with huge victories against Aldro School and Barrow Hills School. The goal of the entire season across all teams was scored by Jack Feltham, against Box Hill, as his sublime chip evaded everyone and left the goalkeeper watching it sail over him and into the net.

The big success story of the season is the U14A side who are still in the ESFA Cup with Round 5 to be played prior to the end of term. They started their season with 9-0 drubbing of two Charterhouse sides (on the same day!) and have scored a total of 89 goals in 14 games (averaging nearly 6.5 goals per game!). To ensure that they were challenged, the team often played against older opposition and were still dismantling them! We expect great things of this group. Luke Jones capped the year with selection for the ISFA team and we expect others from this year group to join him before their school career ends. The U14B and U14C sides have also had terrific seasons with many of the players making their way up to play for the A team. The U14C side remain unbeaten with Jude Thompson currently on top form with several hat-tricks to his name. The U14B side were only defeated once all season.

Despite being hit by Covid, injuries and absences, the U15A team managed to turn in some excellent performances with notable wins against Charterhouse and Gordons. Shem Kariuki and Henry Perkins kept delivering alongside Jordan Njipap whose season was cut short having unfortunately broken his arm. Cameron Shields rounded off his season with selection for the ISFA team which was well deserved. The U15B side started the season well with two victories against Box Hill and St Edmund’s but then struggled to recapture that form as they were narrowly defeated in most games for the rest of the season. Monty Wheals was a notable performer.

The U16 team surpassed all expectations with the high point being a 4-2 National Cup win against Bedales having been 2-0 down. We hope that the majority of these players will stay with us to build on this success over the next two years as Seniors. Several of the 5th Form pupils stepped up to play First XI matches meaning there were some difficult games for them, however the experience will only strengthen them as they continue their progression. Kaspar Irving, Harry Capel and Harry Petersen were all notably high performers in difficult circumstances.

Girls Hockey

U13A have had a strong season playing nine games and winning six of them. Key results were against Ryde School, Cranleigh Prep and Barrow Hills School with notable players being April Klein scoring the goals up front and Robyn Kersey who held the team together in Centre Midfield. They also put out a strong performance at the Tormead festival winning all their games.

The U13B team had a tough season with two standout performances against Downsend and Danes Hill School wining 2-0 and 1-0 respectively. Sophie Archibald stood out as a wall in goal and Izzy Benyon led the team commendably.

The U13C team was made up of players who had never picked up hockey sticks before. However, by the end of the season you would never have known as they drew their final two games which showed incredible improvement and determination from all the girls involved. Special mention to Anita playing in defence, never letting the ball come past her!

The U15B team have had a great season playing some very competitive fixtures including a 5-4 win against Box Hill School and a 0-0 draw against Charterhouse. Wins also came against Belmont School, the Royal School and Downsend School. The team was in good hands led by the dynamic duo of Yekta Mason and Katie Easton.

The U15A team have had a frustrating season with a number of cancellations as well as some hard fought and very close games. Key players included Zoe Rinaldi, Phoebe Paterson, Tilly Vautier, Jess Combes and Phoebe Wilson. It is exciting to see all of the girls named representing the first team 1 and 2 years early respectively!

The U16s had a very successful season coming away from the Hampshire Trophy in third place under the captaincy of Fleur Marren. The girls pulled together after a tough first game to win their following 5 games. Key performances were again Phoebe Paterson, Tilly Vautier and Jess Combes playing up a year group, Fleur Marren driving the team forward from midfield and Abby Paterson and Zoe Rinaldi keeping it tight in defence.

The first team have played five games this season and won four of them. Big wins came under tough circumstances against Ryde School, PGS and Reed’s School. Sibel Oztas has led the team well with a number of players stepping up and representing the first team from younger years.

End of hockey term honours:

April Klein takes the Golden Stick Award scoring 10 goals, closely followed by Phoebe Paterson with 9 goals. Robyn Kersey takes the MVP award having been awarded player of the match the greatest number of times. Well done.

Mixed Cross-Country

Our cross-country teams have had a very successful term. Firstly, the boys and girls in all age groups attended the Waverley District Championships at Charterhouse. Notable finishes include:

1st place Junior Male Luke Jones
3rd place Junior Male Cade Tierney
3rd place U13 Male Dexter Rich
4th place U13 Female Jocelyn Earl
4th place U13 Male Alastair Smith
5th place U13 Male Harry Smith

Most of the above pupils are waiting nervously to see if they have been selected to represent Waverley Schools at the Surrey County Championships.

The team then followed up their Waverley achievements at the St Edmund’s Cross-Country Championships with the U14 Boys and U14 Girls teams taking second and 3rd places respectively despite missing a number of our leading runners from the District Championships.

Mixed Swimming

It has been fantastic to host swimming galas again following the Covid related hiatus. Our U13 side were competed first in mid-November. The boys were victors with the girls taking second place but when the overall results were tallied, we took second place to Frensham Heights. Owen Angell and Harry Hastie have been notable performers. However, our U15 side took revenge for this defeat at the next gala. The boys won their event very comfortably with Jamie Pickering and Cai Thomas leading the charge. The girls’ event was extremely tight and came down to final relays where they were pipped by Frensham Heights and took second place. We even had some QMH pupils competing at a 4th Form event; Isla Cathro and Heidi Klein were exceptional against some of the older pupils. The overall results meant that King Edward’s took first place. We look forward to many more galas over the course of the year under the astute leadership of Mrs Meyer.

Interhouse Results



Girls Hockey – QMH Bowen
Girls Hockey – Inters Tudor
Girls Hockey – Seniors Tudor
Boys Football – QMH White
Boys Football – Inters Edward
Boys Football – Seniors Wakefield

Team Awards and Colours

Girls Hockey

Age Group



U13A Jocelyn Earl Robyn Kersey
U13B Hermione Gallop Izzy Benyon
U13C Molly Marsden T’Nye Lake
U15A Phoebe Wilson Zoe Rinaldi
U15B Yekta Mason Katie Easton
U15C Alejandra Seco Vallinas Florence Gallop
Seniors Abbie Paterson Fleur Marren

Half Colours




Ruby Wilson Phoebe Paterson Fleur Marren
Heidi Klein Tilly Vautier Lucy Butler
Jocelyn Earl Jess Coombes Yoon-Jee Nam
Martha Lawlor Phoebe Wilson

Full Colours




Robyn Kersey Zoe Rinaldi Sibel Oztas
April Klein

Boys Football 

Age Group



U12A Omar El Sharkawy Jesse Nwanang
U12B Tim Samuel-Metseagharun Toby Holdsworth
U13A William Morberg-Pain Bobby Drury
U13B William Gander Oscar Miller
U14A Johnny Fleming Luke Jones
U14B Danyal Farooq Tom Vautier
U14C Jude Thompson Noah Crook
U15A Ben Tobias Henry Perkins
U15B Michael Swayne Oliver James
U16A Josh King Sammy Regan
1st XI Tom Clarke Hector Scott-Hughes

Half Colours




Jesse Nwanang Luke Jones Harry Capel
Harry Hastie Lewis Hannon Korbinian Geisenhofer
Brandon Obiozo Jack Berry Sammy Regan
Oscar Perkins Shem Kariuki
Max Holden Oliver Fitch
Henry Haine

Full Colours




Will Cook Cameron Shields Hector Scott-Hughes
Bobby Drury Henry Perkins Alex Edwards


Mr P Miller

Director of Sport

Art Department News

It has been a busy and creative time in Art. The term began with two virtual workshops zoomed in from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London – over 20 pupils took part in ‘Zero Waste Pattern Cutting’ and ‘Exploring 20th Century Design’.

Art Scholars met weekly under the guidance of our Artist-in-Residence, Miss Emma Trussler.  They entered competitions for a hallway display and to design the School’s Christmas card. The Christmas Card Competition was won by Luke McIlvenna and Jack Lawford produced a highly commended design. The hallway competition, which was open to all pupils, was won by Henry Perkins, with Charlie Cossey in second place and Jacob Sprake in third place.

In November our 5th Form artists visited The Lightbox Gallery in Woking where they explored artworks and took part in a practical portrait drawing workshop.

Our Sixth Form pupils recently had an immersive cultural experience exploring some of London’s iconic art galleries and museums. The Royal Academy Summer Show (re-scheduled for the winter season!) included a portrait of Corin Ewbank painted by his mother, so a hunt was launched to ‘find Corin’! The day concluded with a visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum which was open until late. Here pupils enjoyed the novel experience of sketching in the museum after hours.

This term the Bunker Gallery has hosted a number of  shows of work by GCSE students; textiles by Mrs Hooker; a selection of art and craft work by our talented staff and currently a new show by our Artist-in-Residence, Miss Trussler.

Mrs Shouksmith has been busy transforming the art studio on the top floor of the department into ‘The Make Space’ where textiles and ‘Junk Kouture’ designs are underway as we work towards a King Edward’s Witley fashion show in March 2022.

Mrs Shouksmith is also getting work underway on a very exciting whole school collaborative production entitled ‘Finding Mat Finderling’, which will see the history of our School brought to life through Art, Drama, Dance and Music with contributions from many other curriculum areas. Look out for opportunities to get involved in this project from January and please save the date for 22 May 2022.

Mrs C Shouksmith

Head of Art

Music News

September saw the start of some semblance of normality after 16 months of very few opportunities for music-making in front of a live audience. The term started with a concert given by our Music Scholars in front of parents. It was super to welcome back so many parents after such a long absence from the Department. Guitar, piano and wind showcases were enjoyed later in the term in front of live audiences. The term culminated with the Autumn Term School Concert given in Chapel which featured all the school’s ensembles and a few soloists. For our Upper Sixth, this was the last occasion when they would perform at a whole school event and they certainly finished in style with wonderful performances on a real mixture of instruments. We had a comfortably full Chapel as we welcomed back parents to King Edward’s for large scale musical events.

Over the summer holidays we celebrated outstanding GCSE results with every pupil receiving a 9 in music. After the Royal Hospital School, Eton and Radley, King Edward’s became the fourth School in the country to be granted accreditation from the Royal College of Organists, as a centre for excellence in organ studies and choral music. Our Chapel Choir lived up to these excellent standards on Admissions Day, which took place at Guildford Cathedral, with an extremely challenging repertoire which they pulled off with their usual aplomb.

On the last Monday of term, pupils took their practical music exams, and the results are now in – a superb 100% pass rate, just as you would expect of King Edward’s musicians! The School came far above the national average with 30% distinctions, 60% merits and 10% passes. A particular mention should go to our Head Boy, Ben Charles, who took his Diploma in voice which involved a thirty minute solo recital. He was awarded a Distinction achieving a bumper 47 out of 50 marks.

The final Carol Service on the last Friday of term was a real celebration of the true Christmas story in the final act of worship concluding the term. Our Chapel Choir sounded stunning, and they lived up to their well-earned reputation both locally and in the City of London.

Mr S Sliwka

Director of Music

Drama News

In September, we took 45 GCSE Drama and Sixth Form pupils to see ‘Twelfth Night’ at The Globe. The sun shone brightly, and we had a brilliant afternoon back at the theatre together for the first time in two years.  This festive afternoon set the tone for what promises to be the best year yet for drama at King Edward’s with new staff, new facilities and ever-increasing numbers of talented and dedicated pupils.

Our programme of trips continued with a Sixth Form visit to Chichester Festival Theatre to see ‘Long Song’ in October. The Sixth Form are required to see a wide range of theatre to analyse in written exams and as inspiration for creating their own original performances. This term they devised a play based on the text ‘Machinal’ using Artaud’s theatrical form and ideas.  The audience were thrilled and on the edge of their seats. Our Upper Sixth IB pupils have completed excellent research presentations on theatre traditions from around the world and have enjoyed masterclasses with professional actors to hone their skills.

Our drama scholars and the 4th Form GCSE drama class performed to parents in October.  The evening was designed to showcase the emerging talents of our pupils and on this occasion it served to introduce our new Drama and Dance teacher, Mrs Ryman, who, as a former professional dancer, skilfully created an excellent adaptation of the play ‘Cookies’.

Our Drama Graduate Assistant, Miss MacDonald, is also Theatre Director and undertook her first school play this term.  She directed ‘Twelfth Night’, setting the action at Duke Orsino’s music festival in Illyria.  The live band, led entirely by pupils, quickly established a gig theatre vibe and the reviews were rave!  We hope to publish the video on the website soon for those who missed out on the performances.  Our pupils were excellent, and the experience has reminded all of us about the joys of theatre and live performance and why we do what we do.

Auditions for our next school production started last week and so far, we have almost 100 pupils taking part in ‘Bugsy Malone’ in February! We are collaborating with our colleagues in the Music Department and are recruiting pupils for backstage and technical roles.  Ticket details will follow however in the meantime please save the dates for your diaries: 3rd, 4th, and 5th February 2022.

As I write, six of our pupils are in rehearsals with six professional actors to create a piece of theatre directed by Jessie Jones (The Wardrobe Ensemble) and written by Shireen Mula (National Theatre Connections). Rehearsals are here at School during the weekends in the lead up to a production at Rich Mix in London in January.  The play is about gender roles and the script is verbatim; formed by interviews with real people and our pupils are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Mrs L Cleaves

Director of Drama

Sixth Form News

WHAT A TERM! In our assemblies and tutor times together, we put in some solid hard work.  We acknowledged the transforming power of acknowledging self-doubt (imposter syndrome) and learning to give ourselves the love we deserve (ultimate love). We thought about turning our inner most thoughts from the negatives in 2021 to the positives. You have all reflected on the fact that you have come such a long way this term.

I want us to count some of the blessings of 2021 and also to say how delighted I have been in these 11 weeks to have watched you, pupils of the King Edward’s Witley Sixth Form, to have achieved a personal best in something and to have shown each other immense care and friendship and love.


In our October Short Report celebrations and our November Assessment Celebrations we made sure that our friends knew that their academic success and the academic success of our community matters to us and that we tried our very best in lessons to hit our targets. The Upper Sixth have started to get their offers from their UCAS applications and are aiming really high looking to their individual futures.


In this round up of Sixth Form events I want to affirm the good things we received from our community in terms of building us up in our sporting, creative, spiritual and intellectual lives.  Your Christian values have shone through in everything you have done. In no particular order of excellence and commitment, I would like to bring to mind the following achievements:-

Our new Sixth Form committee who taken on responsibilities for one another and the responsibilities of their seniority.

Black History Month Social – I was so impressed when I watched you try out new tastes and sounds and enjoy the familiar and shared your cultural understanding with each other in food and dance.

On Fright Night you all looked so happy, and a little scary, as you went on the rides with your friends and screamed together whilst building up and solidifying your friendships.

When you returned so pumped up from the Surf Trip because of the freezing cold sea and having worked so hard to learn a new physical skill, and to show how impressed you were with each other’s improvements.

In practicing for and performing Twelfth Night and indeed being the ushers during the performance. The sense of belonging and creativity for our community to enjoy was so evident in your smiles and tired faces during the days after the evening shows.

When you talked to me about Duke of Edinburgh where you took up opportunities for service to others for this and for CAS, you have been inventive, altruistic and un-selfish, hardworking and I commend every hour that has gone into your self-development in 2021.


You have all smashed it – well done!

Thank you for helping one another this year and Happy Christmas!

Mrs Harris Jones,

Head of Sixth Form


Dear Parents and Guardians

For those who would like to, we are bringing together a guardians/parents’ prayer meeting for the start of term on Friday 14th January.

It will be from 4:15pm – 5pm. Refreshments will be available.

If you would like further details or if you have any questions, please do be in touch.

With warm best wishes

Reverend James Radcliffe