Music Technology

The Composition

This is a sampled piece of music with a sampled lead and drum kit. I have cut up existing songs and very small sections of them (for example, one hit of a snare from a song) and put them through a drum machine so I can manipulate them to play at whatever point I want. I have equalised and compressed the kick and snare to give them more punch and taken the high, top end frequencies of the hi hat to give it a darker tone. I then sampled a slow melodic song to become my lead. I pitched it down and made it fit into a slower tempo. I sampled many different sections of the song to add variation in the music and made the drum pattern more complex at certain points and occasionally so simple that it was just the hi hat. I added many effects to the sample to give it a dreamy mood. The original, main sample is titled “Mark Crozer – Live in Fear”.

The Composer

I have a passion for electronically manipulated sounds due to the wide variety of possibilities they offer and the easy accessibility of the tools. I started composing with Logic Pro X on the School’s Macs and then quickly wanted more from the layout of the DAW (Digital Audio Workspace). I then made the jump to FL Studio which currently suits all my needs, though it may not in the future, as I am constantly finding new sounds I want to make. An inspiration of mine is Cosmo Sheldrake due to his key focus on sampling and the way in which he incorporates music from many different genres, using interesting song structures. He really pushes the boundaries of what can be done with a sample of classical music and this excites me.

Corin Ewbank, 3rd Form pupil

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