Unfolded – Anita Murisep

‘Unfolded’ is the title of a series of works I have completed as part of my International Baccalaureate Diploma. They are currently on display at The Bunker Gallery at King Edward’s Witley.

My work in this show is in part very personal, unwrapping my own problems I encounter in my life and opening up about certain subjects that I do not normally discuss. I also explore issues in today’s society, including politics and religion, and express my opinions on those matters.

Most of my works explore moments from my personal life and include my family as well. My initial inspiration arose from the first year of studying abroad when I dealt with drastic change in my life, moving away alone from my family and friends. I am a shy and modest introvert; I wasn’t so keen to make friends and therefore spent most of my time alone. During my second year I gained independence and self-esteem, which brought more positivity into my life. This made me think of the emotional stages that I was going through and the reasons why I was feeling what I felt. I also started to notice different types of people and behaviour. I began observing characters and various reactions to different situations. Emotions play a big part in our daily life and communication with other people. I have found it interesting to explore, through my art, how we feel about certain things and how they can affect us.

My exhibition is curated in such way that it takes the viewer on a mental roller-coaster. “Gratitude” conveys positive emotions by representing myself in a pure state of happiness, which can be seen from the expression on the face. On the contrary “Untitled” is a very morbid and in some sense miserable painting that awakens completely different emotions due to the pose of the figure and the tones used. Going from misery to the happiest days of life is a centre piece, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”, which contrasts the palette of more general emotions with a religious theme.

‘Fearfully and Wonderfully Made’







Most of my works are oil paintings as I find that this particular media is the most suitable for conveying thoughts and meanings personally for me, as I feel very comfortable with the oil paint and it gives me lots of opportunities for self-expression.

The “Negative vibrations” plaster pillows express cold-hearted emptiness. Through using a rock-hard material to recreate an object the symbolizes comfort and rest, I have created a strong juxtaposition between soft and warm, from the first sight, and hard and cold, on further observation.

‘Negative vibrations’

Working with limited wall space, I have arranged the works in a composition, where the directional lines are guiding the eye around my exhibition pieces, creating relatable conversation between the works themselves and the viewer, exploring different aspects of our society, and familiarizing the viewer with the author.

My self-portrait titled ‘Gratitude’ from the ‘Unfolded’ series won the Painters-Stainers Award 2018. It was a big surprise when I found out because I did not enter the competition myself. The thought of entering my work in a competition had not occurred to me as I am not particularly confident in my artwork. Thanks to my supportive Art teacher Mrs Shouksmith, whose initiative it was to send the painting for the competition, I have overcome the fear and gained more confidence. I was also invited to the award ceremony, which took place in London at Painters Hall on the 23rd of March where ‘Unfolded’ was showcased at a celebratory exhibition. This was an interesting and enriching experience and I am thankful that there are people who believe in me and who encourage me to do what I love doing the most.


Anita Murisep, U6th IB pupil

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