Lower School Art

A group of our 1st and 2nd Form pupils have collaborated with their teaching assistant in Art, who is a local artist from Credigion. Having exhibited twice before at the Arad Goch centre in Wales, Miss Annie Edwards has built a strong relationship with the centre, permitting her to exhibit this amazing Art collaboration.If you wish to

Fruitful is a body of work produced by the pupils as a result of a four-week creative carousel program, run and assembled by Annie. The work is a combination of photographic prints, sound and video.

In the first week, the pupils created cubist inspired portraits. They were drawn on a green piece on paper and scanned into the computer to be used as part of the green screening process in the video. The pupils took part in a green screening and sound recording workshop in the second week. They filmed themselved interacting with the green background and the effect itself. They also recorded various foley sounds with found classroom objects. The third lesson was based around the idea of using projectors to trace complex images (a cross section of a red cabbage for example). The end product can be seen in the video as backgrounds to the children.

After each lesson, Miss Edwards used what the pupils had created and edit the product into the video. The final lesson involved a collaging workshop using recycled imagery to develop previous ideas, along with a film premier of the video the pupils had contributed to.

Miss A Edwards, graduate Art assistant

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