Poem by Mrs Angela Valentino

Depending On How You See It.

It’s all about your point of view.
I see now that
Obsession is the Devil’s tool
I will not concede that
Obsession is a sweeping look
I know that
Obsession preaches about the shallows of death
Lies are spread that
Obsession doesn’t breed flaws
Only our teachers tell us that
Through a glance, Obsession breeds innovation
Obsession is supple and flushed
Only when pulsing through our minds
Obsession shows us our emotions
Like my inner thoughts are now yours
Obsession is the bonding stain on his lips from mine
I falsely exclaim
Obsession’s flames flicker with menace
Obsession is a miser, lending life and demanding its return
People are mistaken in thinking that
Obsession spares tears through warning
I have observed that
Obsession is a dictator
It is foolish to presume that
Obsession’s cautions are a necessity for safety
I have resolved that
Obsession will always be a burden –
Unless I change my perspective.

(Now read this poem from bottom to top.)

Mrs Angela Valentino, English teacher

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