Giles Miller Sculpture Video

Video by Luke Whatley-Bigg, 4th Form pupil.
This film is showing one of Giles Miller’s many sculptures, which he has in locations all around the World in countries such as Dubai and America. I was commissioned by Giles to film ‘Byplace‘ which is located in Deptford, South London close to the Giles Miller studio which is next to the River Thames. Giles Miller contacted me as he had seen my YouTube film called ‘Inspiring Views’ which I had made for Surrey Hills Arts. The film included one of his sculptures called ‘Perspectives’. The sculptures are in the woodland areas along the Greensand Way in the Surrey Hills. ‘Byplace’ is situated in Deptford Market and is positioned on a raised walkway overlooking the market and can be seen from all views. The sculpture is made from two tonnes of wood interlinked to show the contrast between light and dark areas of the wooden pieces, and is shaped in such a way that you can view it from the outside, and go into the centre of the sculpture. The piece is around 3 metres high and is impressive to see from the ground and from above, as I filmed from all angles.
I filmed the outside area using my Sony A6300 with a 18-105mm lens, stabilised by my Ronin S gimbal. I then filmed from above and from the sides up high with my Mavic Pro Drone which has a 4K camera. I edited the film together in Premier Pro and added music to enhance the footage, which I then sent to Giles Miller for approval, and he has now added it to his professional website. Following on from this, he then asked me to film again for him, this time in his studio of other sculptures which are being made at present.
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