The News – Lockdown Life

‘Lockdown Life’ poem by 4th Form pupil, Jacob Sprake

I hate Covid-19 news
Media is there to confuse
Although some tend to amuse
Especially about the Government’s U-turns on points of views
They accuse
They target minorities
And try to cover up the abuse, like PPE reuse
This always lights my fuse
From every single direction they ooze
So I must choose
Which news Is there for me to use
And which is there to confuse
Confrontational interviews
News on win or lose
They are used to try to infuse our points of views
They are not there to defuse
Tensions caused by the rules abuse
A man was accused
Of using his illness as an excuse
To abuse the lock down restrictions
With automobile use
He is now the centre of a political scandal for his misuse
All hell broke loose and now its wrath ensues
Tower of London has a noose
If his investigation renews and then criminal investigation ensues
Any clues?
At the start of this journey some people were stuck on a cruise
Would you choose to be in their shoes?
Imagine being on the news
Or would you refuse?
Imagine being part of the crew aboard the cruise
Making sure everyone stays inside, having nothing to do but snooze or turn to booze
News causes my thoughts to stew
And as I have said before it might confuse
And try to sway my point of views
The question is simple
Do I trust the news?
And allow it to infuse my views?
News is always there
Good news seems to be rare
Some news is hard to bear
Most causes me to despair
Sadly, even if you don’t want to, you still have to care
News can be square
They have warnings, beware!
They always have competition elsewhere
News isn’t fair
That’s something I cannot bear
Our Healthcare and social welfare are nearly in despair
They couldn’t be saved by a generous donation from a millionaire
We go to our shops
And are separated through glassware
Too many people on the beach in swimwear
By being too close people walk into the virus’ snare
“I’m going out Cus I Just don’t care yh” is rare but when it happens It causes a scare
People in the middle of nowhere
Are safe there
The elderly have been warned to take due care
But care homes had no time to prepare
In the future we will compare
How medical care went head to head in Germ warfare
With different countries
Falling into disrepair
Did this virus just fall out of thin air?
Or was there a plan somewhere In some top secret lair
A biological weapon
To share
To spread
To float through the air
That takes hold of you before you are aware
News, it feels like the world ran into a brick wall
Causing it to fall
Once this is over, we will then have to crawl
The third world isn’t standing tall
Look at the number of cases in Nepal
I recall back in December when this giant was small
We didn’t prepare and install
We only got scared
When it learnt to walk instead of crawl
When it got to the local town hall
Then we realised that the local population would be mauled
Kids brought inside instead of playing ball
Beaches were packed
People were stacked
It was freedom that attracted
Their plan was abstract
So obscure that it cracked
And now the majority were smacked
Hijacked and once the virus has settled in
They will be attacked.

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