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A good education is a foundation for life. At King Edward's this means an exciting and challenging curriculum, a broad range of sporting, artistic, social and cultural opportunities and an environment which is specifically created to instigate the values of independent learning, responsibility for others and the enjoyment of challenge.

Come and see what makes King Edward's such an extraordinary, distinctive and forward-looking community and such a fantastic place to live and learn. I look forward to welcoming you.

John Attwater, (MA Oxon) Headmaster


    Fire on Witley Common

    For parents, staff and friends who may have heard about the heath fire which broke out along Roke Lane on the afternoon of Sunday 5th August, destroying around 100 hectares of heathland.

    We can confirm that the fire was brought under control at around 7pm.

    The School has been unaffected by the blaze thanks to the magnificent work of Surrey Fire and Rescue.