Weekly Boarding

Situated only 50 minutes away from London by train (Waterloo Line) enables London based families the flexibility of a country based boarding school for their children within easy reach of home. All boarding house staff live on site and ensure that full and weekly boarders enjoy a community life to the full, with the right balance of study, relaxation and challenge.

Living at school allows the pupils to make the most of each day, cutting out commuting time to create precious extra minutes either to reflect, relax or to focus on a particular activity or homework.  Boarders typically throw themselves into the life of the school and are usually to be found at the heart of everything that is going on, often organising events which inspire and motivate others.  They are free to be enthusiastic about what is on offer and to move seamlessly through each part of the day at the pace it demands.

Justin Benson, Director of Admissions.

For families in which both parents work, boarding enables each adult's and young person's day to run smoothly, free from tricky logistics and compromised work commitments. Weekly boarding is a perfect solution for many, allowing the students to take part in a wide range of co-curricular activities, do most of their homework at school during the week and then have the weekend with their families.  Pupils return to school on a Sunday evening and typically go home on a Friday evening, but a number choose to stay in school on Friday night if they have an activity on a Saturday morning.

Why choose weekly boarding?

Weekly boarding has allowed pupils to cut commuting time to concentrate on homework, co-curricular activities and enjoy the community life here at King Edward’s. Being located next to Witley train station allows pupils to have an easy journey home for the weekend to spend time with family, therefore weekly boarding is perfect for many situations. Some of our pupils who currently board weekly live in London or locally in Godalming and they believe living on campus Monday to Friday has benefitted them in many ways.

I am now in Lower Sixth at King Edward's and I began weekly boarding in October. Although I live locally in Godalming, weekly boarding has saved me time which has allowed me to complete prep, have access to teaching staff and take part in extra curricular activities outside of school hours. My grades have also noticeably improved in just three months due to the amount of time I have to study by boarding during the week.

dylan, Weekly boarder.

I moved from Spain to London so my father could take up a job opportunity. I originally started as a full time boarder, but now I go home every Friday to spend quality time with my family. Weekly boarding fits very well with my circumstances, travelling to and from London daily would take up too much time. With the time I save, I am able to get more work done, I have made new friends and if there are events happening I can choose to stay.

Elena, Weekly boarder.

This is my first year as a weekly boarder. I live locally in Chiddingfold Village, but due to the amount of co-curricular activities I take part in (music, drama, hockey) it makes it easier for me to stay at school. I think the structured prep environment allows me to concentrate more, and I have noticed an improvement in my grades.

Ella, weekly boarder.

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