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Café Scientifique Reveals the Universe

8th October 2019

By Max Agrest (Fifth Form)

On Tuesday 8th October 7pm, the first Café Scientifique of the academic year was hosted by Mr Emsley,  one of our physics teachers. The subject – ‘The Birth and Death of the Universe’, and it was extensive. It was like a sieve pouring information directly into my head; it was wonderful! Even for one who has never been into astronomy in physics, Mr Emsley brought the subject alive and made it interesting with interaction, jokes, a few lightning-quick experiments, and generally giving information in a fun way! There was everything, from what the beginning of the universe was, to ways that the universe could end – and there are many, many more than I thought there were – while also including what the universe is and how, as far as physicists know, it works!

And – all in an hour and a few minutes, at that!

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