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Celebrating Women in Engineering

21st November 2019

Seven King Edward’s Witley girls were privileged to attend the ‘Celebration of Women in Engineering’ event at Surrey University on Wednesday 13 November.

As well as listening to a range of graduate and PhD candidate women engineers lecture on topics such as Mechanical Engineering in the automotive industry and space technology, the girls were given the opportunity to question the candidates first hand and observe the planning processes for state-of-the-art research.

Interests of the aspiring King Edward’s pupils range from telemetry in Formula 1 vehicles to Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science.  U6th pupil Cali Hamilton commented, “The University of Surrey trip gave me a real insight into the slowly but rapidly increasing presence of women within so many sectors of the engineering industry. I feel very encouraged as an aspiring engineer. I enjoyed listening to their work experience and university research; it gave a sense of excitement to engineering that isn’t always seen.”

Angel Amadi is another prospective Engineering undergraduate candidate who said “One of the things I found really helpful during the presentation was the first speaker who talked about the ways she was able to tackle her placement year whilst at university.

This was helpful as it is something I’m considering applying for and she explained in detail how she balanced school work and experiences in her work place. I found this aspect very useful because it is something I would like to go into and after hearing the talk I feel even more motivated. 

Additionally, I was able to see how women of different talents are able to switch to an engineering career. One of the women said she switched from a dance course to an engineering course.”

This was an invaluable careers insight from our local university partner, University of Surrey.

We wish good luck to our girls in their mission to equalise the gender gap in this field.





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