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Business Live trip to Disneyland Paris

3rd March 2020

A summary of the very successful Business Live! Conference and Disneyland trip to Paris at the beginning of March as reported by a Lower Sixth pupil.

The trip to Disneyland in Paris was one of the best holidays from school I have ever been to. My expectations were exceeded in terms of the experience of the Business conference, the hotel, the theme park and the organisation. What made it even better was that everyone got to share their fun experience with their friends.

The Business conference was very intriguing. The talks were presented engagingly and were interesting to listen to and after the conference we had the whole day to enjoy Disneyland. Before the trip I thought it would be childish but, in this case, it was an absolute fit for me. The architecture of Disneyland was creative and astonishing. I felt the atmosphere as if I was in an imaginary world where limits didn’t exist. All these roller-coasters, shows, exhibitions and people made this fun 2-day Disneyland adventure feel like a whole week!

After having a long day at the theme parks we had dinner at the ‘Planet Hollywood’ restaurant which is like a museum in itself. Later we would resume our experience and head back to playrooms and souvenir shops.

In the end when everything closed, we headed back to the amazingly beautiful 4-star hotel which is located at a 10-minute walk from Disneyland. Everyone had a first-class experience in the hotel where we especially enjoyed the king-sized beds, vast buffet breakfast, fitness room and sauna and the Disney environment in the Hotel. The teachers who accompanied us on the Trip did a wonderful job looking after us and ensuring our safety at the perfect level.

In the end I would say that this Trip was a great holiday which made us forget about school and relax. Sometimes school can be very tiring mentally and I think sometimes people should just take a break to reset. Through this trip everyone had great fun, it was full of unforgettable experiences and at the same time we all learnt something interesting.

                                                               Deniz – L6 pupil

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