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Sir Isaac Newton Zooms into the 21st Century

20th November 2020

Sir Isaac Newton caused great excitement this week when he Zoomed in to the virtual Science Lecture! Due to the current COVID restrictions, our local feeder schools were unable to visit for our annual event, so thanks to modern technology, an alternative solution was instigated.

Using individual Zoom links, QMH and six prep schools were able to enjoy and participate in the virtual Lecture.

Organised for specific days and times, Sir Isaac zoomed into each classroom from his country kitchen engaging with Year 6 pupils from Belmont School, Parkside School, Pennthorpe School, Rydes Hill, Barrow Hills School, Longacre School and our own 1st Form pupils from QMH. Questions were asked, hands raised and young volunteers chosen to answer them generating laughter and noise. Sir Isaac took the audience outside to view and discuss a rainbow for the light and colours, a magnificent library to show his very highly priced book, Principia Mathematica and to a stately hall to talk about distance.

Back in the kitchen, he concluded his Science Lecture with a short quiz which everyone participated in very vocally. A very successful event achieved each time in the space of 55 minutes. The Science Lectures taught children, and their teachers, about gravity, fluxions, light beams using a prism and telescopes.

Comments from the attending schools included, Parkside School“Just to say a huge thank you for the lecture this morning. Sir Newton was absolutely wonderful! What a talent to keep a whole year group poised for an hour and on a screen as well! He was so entertaining and all the boys loved it. Please pass on my thanks.”

Pennthorpe School“That was fantastic! Thank you so much for organising and special thanks to David for a superb performance in these crazy times.”

Longacre School “Thank you so much for the lecture today. The children loved it and it worked so well on zoom with the children being totally engrossed throughout! We were also very impressed by his zoom skills with most of the children thinking he had really gone outside when he changed his screen!
We will definitely be going through Sir Isaac’s quiz in our next science lesson!”

Barrow Hills School “Thank you all for putting that on from both classes. We knew it was going to be good but that was beyond expectation! Sign us up for any further of these in future.

It is hoped that next year’s Science Lecture will be back in the School’s Lecture Theatre when actor David Hall will once again metamorphosize into another famous, historic personality from the world of science.

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