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Antigone Performance

12th February 2021

During the current lockdown, boarders who have needed to have remained on site and staff have been working hard to keep them entertained and busy. Some of our pupils, who are in a bubble together, have been working hard on a theatre project.

These pupils have been working together in the brand new Studio Theatre on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings with the Performing Arts Graduate Assistant, Miss MacDonald, giving them a much needed break away from screens and online lessons, and a chance to work creatively and collaboratively. Within three weeks, they had put together their play.

The production is based on Sophocles’ Antigone with the cast and crew exploring the themes and ideas from the text then collaborating to produce, write and direct their own adaptation. Set in modern day London the piece was transposed to highlight crime statistics alongside the ever present themes of power, control and family relationships. The play was performed to a socially distanced audience of staff and pupils last night in our brand new studio.

Mr Corran, Deputy Head, said “the pupils’ devised interpretation of Antigone, set in a contemporary London context of gangs and honour killings, was my highlight of the term so far. It was inspiring to see the talent of this small cast (especially but not only Luci and Norell), reassuring to be back in that boarding school pattern of busy evening events, and hugely enjoyable. Many thanks to Miss MacDonald and the Drama Department and congratulations to everyone involved.”

Mr Harrison, Deputy Head Co-Curriculum, had the following to add “A thoroughly enjoyable, original performance which is the first to take place in our new Studio Theatre. It is amazing that the pupils managed to put together such a professional and polished piece of theatre from scratch in a little over two weeks. Huge thanks to the pupils and the Drama department for the evident hard work and enthusiasm that went in to this ambitious project.”

The School has taken all the necessary safety procedures to stop the spread of Covid-19. All boarding pupils are in one bubble, and do not mix with anyone outside of this bubble. They are tested on a twice weekly basis.

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