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Digital Free Day

3rd March 2021

From midday 2nd March 2021, all pupils were encouraged to move away from their computer screens for 24 hours. With the temporary switch to online learning, most pupils were spending the majority of their day staring at computer screens, and the School decided it was important for their physical and mental wellbeing to give them, and their teachers, a well deserved break. Each department created a programme of activities which fell into six categories: ‘Building & Making’, ‘Communication’, ‘Ethics’, ‘Experiments’, ‘In The Kitchen’ and ‘Outdoors’. Pupils could then choose to complete as many of the activities as many as they wanted.

The instructions were simple.

  1. Choose your activity – or you can do more than one. Explore the activities listed in the different categories, or suggest one for yourself.
  2. Tell your tutor what you are planning to do.
  3. Make sure you have all the equipment or materials to hand ready to start work promptly.
  4. Keep a record of what you have chosen to do. You can pick up your phone or camera to take a picture or some video.
  5. Share what you did with your tutor group and your tutor.
  6. Tutors will choose two to three of the most interesting activities and share these with Heads of Year.
  7. In each year group, Heads of Year supported by the Head, Mrs Wright; Deputy Head, Mr Corran; Deputy Head Academic, Mrs Clarke; Deputy Head Co-Curriculum, Mr Harrison; and Director of ICT, Dr Lennard, will identify prize winners and we will celebrate the best projects and activities.

Below is small selection of some of the amazing work we received. A very well done to all the pupils involved.

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