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Lower School Art Exhibition

28th April 2021

From the beginning of the Summer Term the QMH art club run by Artist in Residence, Miss Emma Trussler, has taken place every Tuesday in the activity slot after School. On 27th April 2021, the new QMH exhibition opened in the Bunker Gallery displaying their work. The Lower School pupils had worked on different topics and medium, including drawing, ink, paint and sculpture. The boys and girls worked not only by themselves, but in teams and with partners to develop their own ideas and skills, as well as their peers’.

Their favourite pieces of work, showing not only their skill but also their growth as an artist, were then displayed in the Bunker Gallery. Parents were invited to see the exhibition in a private view livestream hosted by the pupils themselves, where there was chance to ask questions about the artwork and the pupils’ development in different mediums. In total, ten girls and boys contributed nearly 50 pieces of work, an incredible feat.

Thank you very much to Miss Trussler for hosting the activity sessions for the Lower School pupils and organising for the exhibition and well done to all boys and girls involved.

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