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Award’s Day 2021

2nd July 2021

On the last day of Term (2nd July) the annual Awards Ceremony was held. A chance to reward exceptional pupils, to thank staff and to say goodbye to leavers.  The ceremony was held slightly differently this year and due to COVID regulations, parents were unable  attend.  To ensure everyone was able to see the ceremony, the School was split into three groups – Lower School in the Chapel, 3rd and 4th Form in Charter Hall and the Lower Sixth in the Selborne Room. The Ceremony itself was held in Charter Hall, and livestreamed on YouTube, which was then shown in both the Chapel and the Selborne Room. Additionally, the link was also sent to all staff and parents to watch wherever they were.

The Ceremony started with speeches from Head Boy, Ben, and Head Girl, Koko, both of them speaking for the first time in the role. After a short instrumental interlude, Mrs Joanna Wright, Head, spoke to thank staff, congratulate pupils, and reminisce over the year that has been. Joking about the length of her speech (lasting just under 20 minutes!), Mrs Wright spoke eloquently about this truly odd year in a way which resonated with everyone in the room.

Following on from this, the awards began. Starting in Lower School and working upwards, pupils were awarded for their academic and co-curriculum achievements, as well as their attitude to learning and kindness towards other pupils. The Ceremony also saw performances from top music pupils, including Head Boy, Ben.

After the individual awards, the results for the hotly contested House Music were announced. Solo prizes went to Adam (Grafton) and Izzy (Elizabeth), with Edward and Tudor taking best ensemble. With the points split evenly, the House Music cup 2021 was within everyone’s reach, but it was Edward and Tudor who claimed victory, breaking Elizabeth and Wakefield’s seven year winning streak!

After the House Music awards, Mr Josh Andrade, QMH Housemaster, announced the new QMH Heads of House, Robin and Lachlan, and also the QMH House Cup victors. When pupils join QMH they are split into two sides, Bowen and White, and all sporting wins, drama performances and academic successes count towards the cup title. The fight between Bowen and White had been strong this year, but Bowen just beat White, making them the 2021 overall winners.

Finally, the winner of the Cock House Cup was announced. The Houses compete with each other in a range of contests over the year, from sport to academic achievements, to co-curriculum challenges; the winner is given the ultimate prize, the Cock House Cup and bragging rights for the rest of the year! The girls Houses were very close, with Tudor claiming victory by just 2 points. Meanwhile, the boys in Edward were crowned this year’s victors.

After a lovely ceremony, lunch was served. Our catering team from Holroyd Howe served a delicious buffet-style lunch for all, with a delicious choice of pitta breads, quesadillas, salads and hot dogs, with ice cream and fruit for dessert, complete with mocktails and summery soft drinks. Following their feast, it was time for the pupils to leave for the summer holiday having completed another academic year.

For all pupils and staff, this summer will be the break they not only needed, but deserved.  We will look forward to welcoming back returning pupils in September, and the new starters who will be joining the King Edward’s community. To all the pupils and staff who are leaving, we wish them all very well, and hope they will stay in touch.

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