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First Year trip to discover the History and Geography of Guildford

9th November 2021

Today, Mrs Phillips, Head of History, Mrs Thorpe, Head of Geography and Miss Condy, Head of Religious Science, took the First Year pupils to Guildford to discover some of the history, learn about the geography and find out about some of religious aspects of the ancient City.

Hermione, a First Year pupil wrote of her experience and findings through the day –  “Guildford is a great place full of history. The environment is great for looking at rivers and how the shops were pretty much all chains. In the first part of the trip, Form 1E studied the geographical side of the town so we filled in a tick chart and judged the different parts of the High Street where all the shops were. We also completed a tally chart of how many chains of store were there and we counted all the independent shops which are run by friends or family. We had a lot of fun doing that and one of my favourite things was looking at the view from the top of the High Street.

At the end of the morning, we finished at Holy Trinity Church for lunch but before we could eat we had to do one small thing. As this trip included a bit of RS, we were given an activity to find something that related to our current RS studies.  Firstly, we had to go through what we had learnt in class to give ourselves just a little reminder. Eventually everyone had found something, and we were all able to enjoy some lunch.

After lunch we began the history part of the trip and to start off we studied one of the graves in the church because we were all interested in this. We then walked around Guildford to look at all the different historic parts of the  town. These included Abbot’s Hospital in the centre of town which is now a care home. We then went to visit the lock on the other side of one of the many bridges where we saw a machine using the river water to make energy.

We went on to visit a medieval undercroft under one of the shops on the High Street which was really interesting, we also went to Guildford Castle which was built by William the Conqueror to help him establish his rule following the 1066 Battle of Hastings.

I learnt a lot on this trip, it was such fun.”


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