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children performing on stage
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Bugsy Malone

7th February 2022

From Thursday 3rd February – Saturday 5th, our Drama Department performed our production of Bugsy Malone for families, friends and our King Edward’s community. With incredible effort from our cast and crew, the show was amazing, and captured the talent of our pupils perfectly.

Complete with splurge guns, movie scenes and boxing rings, the show was a great success and it has been wonderful to hear all of the positive feedback from our parents, families and staff.

We thank everyone for their continued support, and we also thank our staff, in particular Mrs Cleaves, Mrs Ryman, Miss MacDonald, Mr Sliwka and Mr Frazer from our Drama and Music departments for all of their continued hard work.

View the cast list in our programme, see more photos, and our action packed movie scenes here.

From our programme:

2 years ago, we came very close to performing Bugsy Malone with a huge cast and crew but Covid stopped the show at our dress rehearsal! Luckily for us, most of our lead performers Izzy, Amari, Alia and Lily are still with us at school 2 years later. So, we asked if they’d like to do the whole thing again and they said yes! So, we’ve spent just 5 weeks rehearsing our new version ‘Bugsy’ and we’ve had a great time with our cast and crew who come from all different year groups and houses.

We decided to edit the script and cut out some scenes to limit the potential impact of covid on this production. We have invented some new movie scenes so that we could safely have lots of different pupils involved; the pupils in the movies decided what they would like to do and they worked with a professional film maker to film their scenes around our campus.

Each year our Drama Department produces at least 6 different shows for audiences, ranging from plays to musicals and devised pieces. We encourage our pupils in all aspects of theatre making, including performance, design, directing and writing. We make sure that there is an opportunity for every single pupil to be involved in theatre in some way on stage or behind the scenes.

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