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Drama Report, Spring Term 2023

24th March 2023

This term we have enjoyed several theatre trips with pupils from all year groups, we have seen ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’, ‘Accidental Death of an a Anarchist’, ‘Pride and Prejudice (sort of) and ‘The Trial of Josie K’.

Our examination candidates have been busy, designing, directing and performing some memorable and highly graded pieces of theatre. The IB Collaborative Performance, involving a company of actors from 3rd to Upper 6th Form, wrote and performed a play set in an immigration detention centre exploring attitudes to refugees and government policy. The A level actors performed scenes from ‘Blue/Orange’, ‘Punk Rock’ and ‘Othello’ their acting was impressive, and they demonstrated a range of skill by taking on several contrasting roles. The GCSE candidates each performed or designed two scenes from a range of play texts; ‘4.48 Psychosis’, ‘Layla’s Room’, ‘Cookies’, ‘The Sad Club’, ‘Prima Facie’, ‘Dr Faustus’ and ‘Girls Like That’. The visiting examiner was impressed by the centre’s standard and the parents who watched the previews saw how much work the candidates had put in.

We concluded the term with a 4th Form showcase with extracts from 4 different plays based on being a teenager. The pupils hosted the evening and performed in front of an audience of their parents and friends. They presented scenes from ‘Mugged’, ‘Missing: Dan Nolan’, ‘When They Go Low’ and ‘The Gate Escape’. The breadth of skill and talent made the evening a great success.

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