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National School Librarian Day

6th April 2023

What is your current position at King Edward's Witley?

Head Librarian/ Assistant Housemistress/ PSHE Teacher  

How long have you worked at King Edward's Witley?

13 years

Where do you live and where were you born?

I live in Storrington and was born in Zambia.

What's your favourite thing about working at King Edward's Witley?

Working with the creative mind that is our pupils. The transformation that occurs during their time here resembles a budding flower. This transformation is even more visible when one is lucky enough to having journeyed with the pupils from joining in 1st Form to the young business-like in their Bridewell suits and dressesIt truly is a privilege.  

What are your hobbies?

Reading is enriching spiritually and physically there is nothing like completing a good book.   I love cooking; I believe it is the best way to unwind. Walking is another one that frees my mind and enables me to reflect and pray.

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