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In The Spotlight: Annella R

24th August 2023

What was your favourite thing about KESW Sixth Form?

I really enjoyed the community feel of sixth form. It felt like we were all one big family and everyone supported each other!

What are you going to miss most about KESW?

I will definitely miss the endless support I was given, particularly in Upper 6th as exams drew nearer and I started to stress more. I think the community of our school is such an incredible thing to have, and that is quite a unique characteristic of our school!

If you could describe your time at Sixth Form in 3 words, what would they be?

Exciting, challenging, and fun.

If you could go back in time to when you first started Sixth Form and give yourself some advice, what would you say?

I would probably say that little and often is much more efficient than leaving something and doing it in one big chunk. There is only so much you can do at a certain time, and if you continuously do the small things, they will add up and prevent a complete overload.

What are you looking forward to most about University?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing life for myself! I’m very excited to hear everyone’s stories and where they are from.

What are you going on to study and why did you choose that subject?

I’m going to study Biology – focusing on immunology and cancer at the University of Nottingham. I chose this subject as I think it plays such a crucial part of our daily lives, and has such an impact on so many people. Cancer specifically is one of those things that humans completely fear, but most of us don’t understand very much about it. So I think having the knowledge would then allow me to pass it on to others and help people understand it more.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your time at KESW?

All I can say about KESW is that it is so incredibly unique in all the best ways. It gives pupils so much, allows students to thrive – as long as they are wanting to – and gives people the tools necessary to succeed beyond the classroom! The amount of support that I received was endless, and I honestly could not think of a more incredible team of staff!

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