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Friday Feature: Miss S MacDonald

17th November 2023

What is your current position at King Edward's Witley, and how long have you worked here?

That’s a funny one – I started off as the first ever drama grad (it was a new position) and it was only meant to be a year as I graduated in peak pandemic 2020 into a theatre industry that didn’t exist anymore. Then I stayed another year. Then, I left but decided to stay a term to direct the school play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Sort Of)’. I went travelling and did some freelance directing and then the opportunity came up to do a year’s maternity cover as a drama teacher so I’m back again!

What is your background, and where do you live now?

I grew up by the beach in Worthing. I’ve done a lot of backpacking (never glamorously) and I do a lot of theatre. I started a few theatre companies, I direct, and am currently collaborating on a lot of immersive and interactive work. Because of the nature of work, I live between Witley and London – wherever the work takes me!

What is your favourite thing about working at King Edward's Witley?

Working with Mrs Cleaves, and working with the pupils who follow their interest in drama – whether it’s writing their own play, directing a pupil-led production or taking the lead in tech. And an honourable mention goes to my favourite running routes (the classic 5k and Hascombe Hill in particular).

What is the funniest thing a pupil has ever said to you?

Hard to choose – playing improvisation games usually provides a good chuckle.


Who is someone you have always admired and why?

My friend Evie – she lives in New Zealand and whatever life throws at her she gets through it. She has also just had a baby! (Shout out to Emma Ryman too!)

What advice would you give to your tennage self?

 – Do what you gotta do
 – Trust how you feel
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