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Head Boy: Alexander Koenig OW 2014

8th January 2024

Tell us a little about your time at King Edward's Witley?

Originally from Germany, I studied the IB at KESW from 2012 – 2014 (Edward). The School immediately made an impression on me and I’m still in contact with the boy who showed him around back in 2011.

As a child I wasn’t particularly interested in physics, but that all changed during my time at KESW. I took an immediate interest in science and I particularly remember after school astronomy sessions with Mr Emsley. I spent many happy hours staring, fascinated at the stars with my friends and using the many physics gadgets that were provided. These first experiences awakened my passion and interest in physics.

What did life after school hold?

After leaving KESW, ! saw many potential directions for my future life: medicine, architecture or engineering. I decided to study a B.Sc. program in Engineering Science to acquire a broad technical foundation, which is useful in various fields. Engineering is a subject heavily reliant on physics and is full of real-world applications.

My interest in Robotics and bio-inspiration led me to study Bio-robotics at Harvard University in the US. Once combined with physics and computer science, these solutions will solve many real issues the world is facing now. I tend to work on autonomous robotic grasping, which is relevant in various areas such as industrial, domestic or medical robotics.

I’m currently studying a PhD at the Technical University of Berlin.

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