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Head Girl: Yasmin Khan OW 1995

11th January 2024

When did you come to King Edward's Witley?

I did the full seven years at King Edward’s, starting in 1988 and finishing in 1995. I loved lots of things – the art studio, acting, studying History and English and Latin – but never sport! The friendships I made created my strongest memories and some of those friends have made the longest-lasting impression on my life. A few Queen’s girls from my year are still my closest friends and now we share godchildren, extended families, and even holidays together.

What was the highlight of your time at King Edward's Witley?

I was the first Head Girl to be given exactly the same privileges as the Head Boy, including the same gown and medallion. I’d like to say it was because I campaigned for that, although I don’t know how it came about –  and I even have a newspaper cutting to prove it, which I really should get framed .

What did life after school hold?

I studied History at Oxford University and then did a doctorate there too (thank you Mr Fellows for all your help with that). I have since worked as a historian, writer and academic and have been lucky to travel all over the world and to have a career doing something I love: writing books. My latest book, Overland, a novel, will be published by Bloomsbury later in 2024. I sometimes wonder how life would have worked out if I hadn’t had a full bursary to KESW; impossible to say, but I am very glad that I went to school in Witley.

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