Old Witleians

Welcome to the Old Witleians’ Association (OWA)

The Old Witleians’ Association (OWA) is a community which all past pupils and staff maintain a connection with the School and friends, and for many, re-establish lost relationships over time. When anyone – pupils and staff – join King Edward’s community, they become a member for life. Irrespective of the length of service or years as a pupil, everyone becomes an Old Witleian when they leave giving them an ongoing sense of belonging, a ready-made network of contacts and friends with shared experiences.

Many of our Old Witleians participate in fundraising events that support the School’s Bridewell Foundation. The Bridewell Foundation funds bursary education for talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who, through no fault of their own, cannot thrive educationally in their home environment. These children can grow and learn in a wonderful school environment of care, challenge and opportunity, one set up so that they can go on to achieve everything in life of which they are capable.

The aims of OWA are:

  1. To provide a network of support and friendship to past and present pupils and staff.
  2. To encourage Old Witleians to provide present pupils with career advice and related opportunities.
  3. To act as a major part of the communication network to inform Old Witleians of developments at King Edward’s Witley.
  4. To support and advise the Development Office on fundraising activity that is OWA focused and to seek to cultivate financial support from the Old Witleian community for the primary purpose of funding bursaries for children and the wider advancement of educational opportunities at King Edward’s, whether bursary, educational resources or facilities.

If you would like to get involved, please contact oldwitleians@kesw.org.

To stay in touch please join our Old Witleians Facebook group and follow us on Twitter @OldWitleians. All of our Old Witleian events are on our main school calendar.

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