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Senior School students

Senior School

A School designed for happiness and belonging

The House system is at the heart of our approach to pastoral care. Our seven Houses are the supportive bedrock for our culture of empathetic relationships. Under the guidance of our House Parents and their teams, we make sure that every child is noticed, not merely seen … is listened to, not just heard … is empowered, not simply enabled.

The Houses stand apart from the School’s year groups and academic programmes. These close-knit groups draw full, weekly and flexi boarders and day pupils together for sports and other shared competitive endeavours. For boarders, our Houses really are their term-time homes; for day pupils, they are a welcoming source of support and team spirit.

Our year groups and their academic programmes

Year Groups Pre-Sixth Option Academic programme
1st Form (Year 7) National Curriculum (and beyond)
2nd Form (Year 8)
3rd Form (Year 9)
4th Form (Year 10) GCSEs (two years)
5th Form (Year 11)
For 15/16-year-olds IGCSE (one year)
Lower Sixth (Year 12) A-levels (two years)
Upper Sixth (Year 13)

Our Houses and year groups

Year Groups Houses (for boarders = B; for day pupils = D)
Girls Boys Mixed
1st Form Queen Mary House (B/D)
2nd Form
3rd Form Elizabeth House (B/D)
Tudor House (B/D)
Edward House (B/D)
Grafton House (B/D)
Ridley House (D)
Wakefield House (B/D)
4th Form
5th Form
Lower Sixth
Upper Sixth Jubilee House (B/D)


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