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Our full-boarding ethos ensures there is ample choice for boys and girls to enjoy a whole variety of sports.  We recognise that many of our pupils wish to develop themselves as practical performers as well as learn theoretical principles which may supplement their ongoing practical progression. Our sports programme is built on the latest research with activities blending breadth with specific development, hence why we offer a vast array of Physical Education programmes.

The respective core sports have a dedicated ‘Head of Sport’ who oversees the development of their sport and ensures improvement year on year.  This is all coordinated by the Director of Sport and specialist Head of Girls’ Games.

Sports matches are weekly – on Saturdays and mid-week. Teams compete across all core sports and many other sports through the Clubs & Societies. The School is proud to have achieved, in recent years, regional and national success in football, tennis, basketball, table tennis, fencing, climbing and athletics.

As a rule of thumb, if a pupil requests to participate in a sport, we will find an opportunity for them to do so. If a girl or boy has an aptitude for a sport, we support them in obtaining specialist and expert coaching, and joining programmes and local clubs to develop skills and compete. We also help plan the pursuit of coaching qualifications for our pupils.

Guest speakers visit the School to impart their stories of struggles, overcoming hurdles, mental strength, determination and the joys of success.

Local, national and international trips to either train and compete in tournaments or watch top sporting events enthuse our athletes, whether an elite sportsperson or one who enjoys sport as part of healthy lifestyle.


Elite Performance Pathway

The Elite Performance Pathway (EPP) is a unique programme designed to extend and stretch our most able pupils.  Our sports scholars are automatically enrolled in the programme as well as a small number of pupils who have demonstrated outstanding aptitude in their sport throughout their time here.  The programme nurtures performance through a tailored training and development process. We are proud to work with the Surrey High Performance Institute (SHPI) based at Surrey Sports Park who provide specialist guidance in elite sport. They visit the school regularly to perform fitness tests which are then used to design specific fitness programmes for each individual.  Each pupil is then nurtured by a staff mentor who has, or is currently, participating at an elite level themselves.

Pupils have the opportunity to visit the SHPI and access their laboratories on a regular basis as well as various other trips (such as to Loughborough University or local elite sports clubs) to enhance their knowledge.  We also book in a number of external speakers who come and give their insight into being a success in the world of elite sport.

The programme is split into Junior (1st and 2nd Forms) and Senior (3rd Form upwards) groups, where the programmes are slightly altered to support their relative age.

For any questions regarding the programme please contact the Director of Sport, Phil Miller, at


First Team Squad

The First Team Squad group is a very select group of Senior age (5th Form upwards) individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to at least two core sports at first team level as well as being viewed as role-models for sport around the School.  The programme works as both a reward and also to allow these pupils the major responsibi.lity of shaping sport at King Edward’s.

There are a number of privileges and responsibilities that these pupils have access to.  The sports council chairman and chairwoman are voted for by this group and they, in turn, conduct the votes for the lower age group council representatives.  They are also responsible for assigning the sports captains for each core sport, who are then responsible for reading the sports report in assembly each week.  These pupils also have specific times in the fitness suite open to just themselves as well as joining the Elite Performance Pathway pupils in some visits or attending the external visitor talks.

They are also given a ‘special’ jacket with their unique number on which is theirs to wear around the school site!

For any questions regarding the programme please contact the Director of Sport, Phil Miller, at

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