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House Football Winners 2021
Feb 2020 5th and Pre-6th Prom
Edward Boys With Jon Chan At Bridewell Day 2020

Edward House

Every boy matters, every boy has something to offer, every boy is important, and every boy is worth listening to

Edward House is named after King Edward VI, the boy king who was persuaded by Nicholas Ridley to hand over the Bridewell Palaces in 1553 for the education of disadvantaged children.  A mission that continues today through the School’s bursary ethos – to provide a first-class, free or supported education to talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who, through no fault of their own, cannot thrive educationally in their home environment. All our pupils benefit from living and learning in our diverse socio-economic, academic and cultural environment where, as Edward’s motto attests, every boy is respected as an individual.

Edward House is a boarding and day boys’ House from 3rd Form to Lower Sixth Form, ages 13 to 17. Edward House is paired with the Tudor girls’ House.

Housemaster Mr Tobias

Mr Tobias is proud to be leading Edward House for a sixth year, with Mrs Tobias as the House Matron. Their two sons, Oliver and Benjamin, live in the House and Benjamin is a pupil at King Edward’s. Their dalmatian, Basil, is very much a member of the House and the official House mascot.

Mr Tobias joined King Edward’s in 2016 as Edward Housemaster. In addition to Housemaster duties Mr Tobias teaches English and is involved in football coaching which gives him the opportunity to get to know his boys, and their friends, outside House life.

Mrs. Tobias is famous for her baking skills. The ‘Mrs Tobias’ mouth-watering lemon drizzle cake’ is a celebrated indulgence by both pupils and parents! Always heard laughing, endlessly caring and kind, Mrs Tobias makes sure the boys feel part of a big family.

Mr Adam Ryman is Assistant Housemaster and teaches Sport. He is an academic tutor and often seen in his sports kit coaching sport across all school years. Always available, he has endless energy and is popular for his huge smile.

Mr and Mrs Tobias’ mantra ensures their boys enjoy a relaxed, friendly ‘home’ that is also a purposeful environment where boys value work and respect each other as individuals. It is an ethos which ensures everyone is happy, and one that undoubtedly has helped the boys secure fantastic academic success as well as win several inter-House competitions. They won House Drama three years in a row, House Football for a fifth successive year and also House Swimming, House Hockey, House Basketball and House Cricket competitions as well as the most recent Sports Day. Edward House is the current Cock House Cup winners, and together with Tudor won House Music 2021.

Edward House’s Pastoral Team

Housemaster: Mr Tobias
Assistant Housemaster:  Mr Ryman
Matron: Mrs Tobias

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