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Ridley House

Ridley House is named after the School’s Founder, Nicholas Ridley. Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London, knew that education can transform lives and that today’s children are tomorrow’s future. In 1553 Ridley persuaded the boy King, Edward VI, to hand over Bridewell Palace to house, care and educate the under-privileged and destitute. This vision lives on today in our full bursary offer, supported by our strong links with the City of London Corporation that continues to contribute to the Bridewell Foundation.

Ridley House is a day boys House from 3rd Form to Sixth Form, ages 13 to 18.

Ridley is the host of the School’s Tea Club. Initiated by a past Ridley Head boy several years ago, The Tea Club has been a fixture in Ridley House on Tuesday afternoons for several years. The idea of the Tea Club was to introduce more people to the wonderful world of tea drinking and provide a place for pupils to unwind.  It has been shaped by the people who are present.  The Tea Club goes out of its way to find new teas such as ‘Tibetan butter tea’, Bubble tea’, and most recently ‘Cheese tea’. Jacob, the founder said, “I cannot say that I would ever have some of these teas again but I am certainly glad I tried them. The ‘Chai tea’ which we tried in the first term of the Tea Club’s existence is served every year in the last gathering before Christmas. While drinking our tea the chat can range from deep, serious discussions, social and environmental issues through to a variety of lighter topics and much laughter.”

Housemistress Mrs Harman

Mrs Harman was delighted to become Ridley’s Housemistress in January 2018 after being its Assistant Housemistress for two years. Mrs Harman knows all the pupils well, not only through her House role but through teaching Economics at the School since 2007. Mrs. Harman believes that a boarding house should be a safe and friendly place where you work hard, relax, socialise and enjoy yourself. She believes that all members of the House have something to contribute whether on the academic, sporting, cultural or social front, or a combination of all these. Mrs Harman lives in Ridley House with her husband Nick, and their daughter Kiera who goes to our partner prep school Barrow Hills. Together they help create a genuine family atmosphere in the House.

Ridley’s House’s Pastoral Team

Housemistress:  Mrs Harman
Matron:  Mrs Wood

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