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In a 24/7 caring environment, the bonds of trust and friendship run deep

When young people live together, they learn how to work together for collective and individual success. In a House-based environment as warm and supportive as ours they also learn self-confidence. They discover that they can do far more than they ever imagined they could.

Life for boarders at King Edward’s is richly varied; anything and everything is possible. Boarders enjoy a wealth of opportunities to pursue personal interests and to develop a habit of excellence. Our immersive 24/7 routine provides more time for all aspects of personal development: academic, social, physical and spiritual. Boarders have the time and space to be themselves, to discover what makes them tick and to develop empathy for fellow pupils.

Two exeat weekends in every term

Full-time boarders live at School seven days a week throughout the term, apart from exeat weekends. Each term has two exeat weekends when boarders leave for home at 16:00 on Friday and return the following Sunday evening. Exeat weekends are for strengthening family bonds.

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