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Weekly and Flexi boarding

Weekly boarding and flexi-boarding: options for every family

Our School ethos of working to help every pupil achieve their personal best makes us highly adaptable. If an attendance model that blends boarding with time at home works better for a young person and their family, we can make that happen.

Our weekly boarders are currently few in number, but delighted with the convenience of the format. Most go home on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday evening. Those who make their weekly commute by public transport can return on Monday morning with the day pupils. Weekly boarders enjoy a full week of co-curricular activities followed by a relaxed weekend with their families.

Flexi-boarding: brilliant education to suit your family circumstances

Not all families fit the standard boarder/day-pupil model. For some, a more flexible pattern of schooling is a better fit. We call it flexi-boarding. Families can arrange a regular pattern of week-night boarding to cater for their needs.  Flexi-boarding allows for pupils to stay when they need to, which could work well for parents or guardians who travel a lot.

Through weekly boarding and flexi-boarding, we help a wider range of young people achieve their full potential. Educational flexibility is an expression of the pioneering spirit on which we were founded, and which still drives us today.

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