Weekly boarding

At King Edward’s, we offer a variety of different boarding arrangements to accommodate the varying needs of our pupils. Some pupils wish to stay at the School for longer than flexi boarding allows but are not ready to commit to full time boarding. This is where weekly boarding becomes an excellent option.

Weekly boarding is designed for those who would benefit from living at School during the week in a House. Weekly boarders have the flexibility of staying for the whole week, before going home on Friday after School, or Saturday afternoon if they have a sports fixture  in the morning. They would then return to their House on Sunday evening or Monday morning in time for roll call at 08:25. This offers the perfect solution for many, allowing pupils to enjoy the benefits a boarding school brings, with the flexibility to return home and have the weekend with their families.

Currently, pupils who live in and around London may choose to commute everyday but this can take up to 2 hours of pupils’ time, which they could be using for prep, activities or being with their friends. Weekly boarding is therefore an option that many take up at King Edward’s. Pupils can make use of our excellent transport links, with trains from Waterloo to Witley (on the Portsmouth line) taking approximately 50 minutes, and our minibus routes going as far out as Cobham to travel to School on Sunday evening /Monday morning before returning home on Friday after School. This saves pupils having to commute back and forth, giving them more time to spend with friends and family.

The option of weekly boarding becomes increasingly common as pupils advance through the School, with those in the GCSE years and in the Sixth Form finding the opportunity to stay incredibly convenient. Weekly boarding allows pupils to complete their prep in the prep rooms within the Houses with their fellow pupils, in a distraction free environment without having to worry about commuting home after a full day of school work. Sixth Form pupils especially find boarding helps prepare them for independent living and life at university. Weekly boarding is an excellent way for pupils to gain the same skills as their boarding peers, and learn what living away from their families will be like, without having to commit to full boarding.

Weekly boarding fees are lower than full boarding, a reduction of at least £550 per term (£575 in the Sixth Form). Transport costs for those who otherwise would commute to School are of course reduced with weekly boarding. Fees for weekly boarding can be found below, with further information located on our fees page.

Lower School 1st – 2nd Form 3rd to 5th Form Pre-Sixth Form and Pre Sixth
Weekly Boarding Fees  £10,375 per term £10,375 per term £10,775 per term


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