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Good mental health means a state of wellbeing in which you can develop your full potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and contribute to your community. We recognise that everyday living brings stresses and concerns that may affect our wellbeing. Consequently, paying attention to our mental health is a positive and important life skill.

King Edward’s provision for pupils’ wellbeing starts with the expectation of kindness, respect, support, tolerance and trust, all widely given and deserved, as the context in which particular help is given. That help includes a range of support and intervention starting with staff who are all well trained in pastoral care and safeguarding:

  1. Pastoral staff, especially Housemasters/ Housemistresses and Matrons, and including teachers and tutors, are well informed, experienced and trained in safeguarding and many other pastoral matters. Housemasters/ Housemistresses have an overview of all aspects of pupils’ lives in School and so have a holistic understanding of their welfare.
  2. Many members of staff have trained to be Mental Health First Aid providers and so have specific expertise in identifying, understanding and helping someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue.
  3. Medical Centre staff look after the physical wellbeing of all pupils, with the support of House Matrons.
  4. The School’s PSHE provision, led by Mrs Harman, regularly includes matters of emotional health, awareness of wellbeing and how to achieve it.
  5. The next level of support comes from:
    • The School Counsellor – Ms Maria Raven
    • Deputy Head and Safeguarding Lead – Mr D Corran
    • Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Mr D Corran, Emily Campbell, Mr Nick Emsley,
    • Medical Centre manager  – Mrs Sharon Mills
    • Assistant Head (Academic) – Mr R Davies. Both separately and through a weekly meeting at the Pupil Wellbeing Committee which monitors and acts to support and help pupils who may require a more concerted response to the issues they present.
  6. The School has a close working relationship with Carlton Psychology, a team of professionals who offer psychological therapy and assessments for a variety of situations that encompass and educational, cognitive and mental health concerns. Parents and pupils have found it very useful to have an initial ‘triage’ consultation which serves to identify the most promising approaches to take, and which often speeds up the assessment process.

We believe that young people should have agency over their own wellbeing. That is why listening is encouraged here. In addition to staff, a team of Peer Listeners (pupils trained in listening skills) works with individuals, small groups and Houses to provide a forum for pupils to share experiences and help them to reflect on, and find, solutions to their anxieties and concerns.

Wellbeing matters are overseen by the Deputy Head, Mr D Corran.

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