Duke of Edinburgh

The School administers the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at all levels having been licensed as an Independent Operating Authority. Both the Bronze and Silver Awards are offered and many Sixth Form pupils participate in the Gold Award.

The only requirement for prospective candidates to enter the scheme directly at Gold level is to be at least sixteen years of age. The Gold Award is highly valued by universities and employers. Previous experience, although welcomed, is not necessary. The Gold Award contains five sections that must be completed to qualify. Most pupils are already involved in activities that enable them to qualify for the Award, so it takes little extra time beyond their standard commitments.

Most people tend to recognise the expedition element of the Duke of Edinburgh Award as the main thrust of activities, when in fact it is a superbly rounded and limitlessly interesting activity involving service in the community, skills development, physical recreation and a residential project. Pupils gain a great deal of personal development, insight into other sections of the community, sharpened skills and increased self-reliance from the Award and, most importantly, find that it is enormous fun and extremely fulfilling.

The School provides a great deal of support for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Gold candidates are expected to add to this by assisting with some of the operations at Bronze level.

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