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Sixth Form Wine Tasting

20th March 2021

On Saturday evening, 20th March, our Sixth Form boarders were invited to take part in a wine tasting event as part of their Sixth Form co-curriculum activities. The event was held for the Sixth Form to give them an opportunity to learn about wine and its relationship with food in an appropriate fashion. A total of 24 pupils attended within their Household bubbles, with seven members of staff supervising and offering their insight!

Students begin wine tasting at the school eventSet up in the Dining Hall to allow for social distancing, wines of all variations, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah were present for the pupils to try. Alongside the wine, pupils were also given their own separate food board complete with cheeses, charcuterie, smoked fish, bread and pickles for them to try and pair with the appropriate wine.

The tasting was taken very seriously, with almost all the pupils being able to identify the grape varieties in the blind tasting, and some even showed off their wine tasting terminology, with such lines as “a little woody in the finish this one” and “a little more tannin than the last” being heard! Grafton Housemaster Mr Nick Emsley commented on their “very impressive tasting skills” and how it was all together a lovely evening.


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