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Grafton House

Grafton House is named after Richard Grafton, MP, printer and historian and Warden of the Grovers’ Company, for his work in the City relating to the Royal Hospitals. Born in 1512, the son of a merchant, he dedicated a large portion of his life to the School. He was the first Treasurer of Bridewell Royal Hospital, the charitable foundation that supports the School.

Grafton House is first and foremost a community where everyone is celebrated for who they are and what they bring to the House. We have a high academic aim, balanced with plenty of sports, music and the arts.

Grafton House is a boarding and day boys’ House from 3rd Form to Lower Sixth Form, ages 13 to 17. As it is currently not paired with a girl’s House it is fondly known as ‘the Bachelor House’.

Housemaster Mr Lumley

Mr Lumley has been the Housemaster of Grafton since September 2022.  Mrs Lumley, their son Ernest and black labrador Basil, are all settling into the Grafton community. The boys have particularly enjoyed Mrs Lumley’s chocolate brownies! Having relocated to King Edward’s from Forest School in North East London, Mr Lumley brings experience as a Housemaster and teacher within the Physical Education department. Mr Lumley enjoys teaching A-Level PE, and coaching football, hockey and cricket. Mr Lumley’s son will be starting our partner prep school, Barrow Hills, in January 2023 when he turns 2 years old, giving him a valuable perspective of both schools. Both Mr and Mrs Lumley have over a decade of experience in the teaching sector and have relished the opportunity to join Grafton House. Away from the busy life of Grafton, Mr and Mrs Lumley love spending time with family and exploring the countryside through long walks and weekends away.


Assistant Housemaster Mr Frazer

Mr Frazer has been part of Grafton for three years and as Assistant Housemaster since September 2022. Mr Frazer started his teaching career at King Edward’s and is now in his seventh year at the school in his current role as Assistant Director of Music both here at King Edward’s and at our partner school, Barrow Hills. He teaches from year 5 all the way to A-Level and IB music. An all-rounded musician, Mr Frazer performs regularly as a classical singer, pianist, organist and conductor in and outside of school life. Recently married in 2022, Mr and Mrs Frazer are delighted to have the opportunity to further support the pastoral side of Grafton house with Mr Lumley. Outside music, Mr Frazer is a keen rugby player, playing for Guildford Rugby. Mr and Mrs Frazer’s cat Mika can be found in and around the boarding houses greeting pupils and following them around school.


Grafton House’s Pastoral Team

Housemaster: Mr Ben Lumley
Assistant Housemaster: Mr Theo Frazer
Matron:  Mrs Slava Spassova

I’m in Grafton as a boarder. You really look forward to seeing the other people in your House. It’s just great because you have so many people from all over the place and everyone has different talents and enjoys different things. You just all come together.

Pablo, Sixth Form Pupil
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