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Sports Day

6th July 2022

On Tuesday 28th July, the much anticipated Sports Day dawned, and thankfully having been rescheduled once due to poor weather, this time the sun was due to appear with not a rain cloud in sight. Expertly overseen by our very own Director of Sport and ‘Directora Ludorum’ Mr Phil Miller, the afternoon commenced on the dot at 2.20pm for all pupils from 3rd Form to Sixth Form.

As the events began, so commenced the hilarious Masters of Ceremonies, Mrs Lauren Harris-Jones and Mr Tom Campbell providing a running commentary throughout the day. Our staff were out in force to ably assist the Sports Department on the track, field, supervising the enthusiastic House supporters, managing the relay races, manning the results desk, taking the photographs and of course to Mr Harrison with the starting pistol. Trackside, our very own Rikki Clarke, Head of Cricket, took up the role of Race Registration Points Manager assisted by Olympian (and Maths teacher) Mrs Meyer as Race Marshall. As pupils completed their races, with Mr Sibachir and Mr Allen in charge of time keeping, a very succinct system of numbered place cards was operated by our Place Recorders – thank you to Mr Frazer, Ms Pocock, Mr Baynes, Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Radcliffe, Mrs Valentino, Mrs Shouksmith and Mr Fox. The final piece of the track organisation was manned by Results Recorders Dr Attwell and Mr Arch, supported by Mr Nash and Mr Towl as Finish Line and Results Desk Runners respectively who definitely got plenty of ‘steps’ in running back and forth to the Results Desk located at the top of the Cricket Pavilion.

In the field pupils competed in the Long Jump, High Jump, Javelin and Shot Put. Thanks go to the Long Jump team of Mr Sliwka, Mr Haylock (who also operated the drone), Ms Archer and Mr Culbert. 3rd Form Bernice from Tudor House, broke a long-standing school record in the Inters Long Jump with a 4.73m jump – an incredible achievement.

Over at the High Jump, teachers Mr Ryman, Mrs Thorpe, Ms Trussler and Mr Slater were kept busy. Thank you also to the hard-working Javelin team of Ms Hughes, Mrs Fitch, Miss Symonds and Mrs Francis; and to the Shot Put Master, Measurer and Safety Retriever – Mr Laurent, Mrs Hinde-Brown and Mr Laurence respectively.

The whole crowd cheered wildly at the Relay races, then sat down to hear the eagerly anticipated results, collated and calculated by the Results Desk wizards Dr Lennard, Mr Johnson, Mrs Antill and Dr Mir:

Boys Inters

1st Place with 112 points – Wakefield

2nd Place with 105 points – Ridley

3rd Place with 101 points – Edward

4th Place with 97 points – Grafton

Girls Inters 

1st Place with 73 points – Tudor

2nd Place with 41 points – Elizabeth

Senior Boys 

1st Place with 32 points – Wakefield

2nd Place with 22 points – Grafton

3rd Place with 21 points – Edward

4th Place with 13 points – Ridley

Senior Girls

1st Place with 13 points – Tudor

2nd Place with 11 points – Elizabeth

Well done to all who took part!

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